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Jelq Penis Exercise

The penis workout video and instructions below detail how to properly perform the "Jelq" exercise. While this is only the most basic jelqing technique, it is still a great beginner exercise to increase the thickness and overall strength of the penis.

The Jelq Penis Exercise

Penis Exercise Demo

Improper Penis Exercise Techniques

The Jelq Penis Exercise Instructions

  1. Make sure that you have warmed up thoroughly
  2. Sit or stand keeping your back straight
  3. Stroke the penis until you have achieved a partial erection
  4. Place your right hand at the base of the penis using an "ok" grip
  5. Slowly milk your right hand towards the penis head
  6. As your right hand reaches the tip, grasp the penis at the base with your other hand using the same grip
  7. Release your right hand when it reaches the head and slowly begin the same milking action with your left hand
  8. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions
  9. Massage the penis to restore circulation

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Steps in the Beginner Penis Workout Routine

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Step 2: The Long Stretch
Step 3: The Jelq (current page)
Step 4: The Horizontal Movement
Step 5: The PC Flex

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