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Male Edge Penis Enlarger Comments

The following is some of the feedback received from users of the Male Edge Penis Enlarger System.

Male Edge"I found out about the MaleEdge penis device from a link in a forum that I visit a lot. Like most guys, I just couldn't pass up the chance at increasing my size. It's not that my penis was really small, but I guess anybody wouldn't mind making it a little bigger!

I really didn't think it would work but the price wasn't too much so I figured I'd give it a shot. I couldn't believe that after about a month my penis was obviously bigger. I mean even my girlfriend could see that it was longer and thicker! I won't say that it's changed my life a whole lot or made me some kind of super stud. But if anyone wants a real way to actually make themselves bigger, this device really does work."

Sent by: Mark S.

Thanks for the feedback Mark! You aren't the first guy to be amazed that penis enlarger devices actually do work, and you certainly won't be the last. Sometimes the first step is the hardest!

Male Edge"I've been using the enlarger device from M.E. for a few months. I bought the cheap model first because I didn't really want to spend a lot of money. I started to see results pretty quickly, probably within 6 weeks or so. It was only about an inch extra in length and a little in girth but I was pretty excited with that. I wanted to make gains faster so I started using it more but then my penis was starting to get irritated. I bought some of the extra padding and that has helped get rid of that problem. My advice is that anyone who is looking to buy a device should go with the Pro option. It will save you the trouble of buying extra accessories later if you run into the problem I did."

Sent by: Jack

Hi Jack. Your experience is shared by a lot of men first starting out with penis enlargement devices. I can't stress enough that comfort is a KEY factor when using such devices. The only way they work is if you're able to actually wear them. There's a lot of very cheap devices on the market but if they sacrifice comfort, well then you're limiting the actual results you could be achieving. I'm glad to hear that the additional accessories helped resolve your problem!

Male Edge"My experience with Male Edge has been sort of a rollercoaster. I saw great improvement in the first two months and then the next month nothing! I was getting frustrated so I took a few weeks off. A few weeks after I started back up and then I saw more gains! I'm guessing that you can overload your penis or something and then it needs to rest before it can start growing again?"

Sent by: Joshua M.

In all honesty, every man is different so individual results do vary. It could be like you say that you had overworked your penis and didn't allow enough time for recovery. There's also times when you just hit a plateau and the gains seem to stop. In those times it's good to mix up your training in order to kick-start the growth process. One of the best ways to do that is to practice some manual penis exercise techniques. I don't believe that Male Edge supplies such an exercise routine with their program which in my opinion is one thing they're lacking. If they incorporated some exercises into their system then I think they'd be a head-on contender with the #1 rated SizeGenetics.

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