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Male Edge Penis Enlarger Device

Penis Enlarger Devices are one of the fastest selling products in the Male Enhancement and Penis Enlargement Industry. It is no coincidence that their increased popularity coincides with an ever-growing body of scientific evidence backing their effectiveness. The bottom line is, if you want to naturally increase the size of your penis then this solution Really Works!

While each year thousands of men turn to these mechanical marvels to increase penis length and girth, the developers behind these amazing devices continue to refine and improve results. This natural evolution in penis device technology is nowhere better witnessed than in the new and innovative product available from Male Edge.

Introducing 2nd Generation Penis Enlarger Technology

Male Edge Penis Enlarger System

The science behind the success of the penis enlargement device, a technique known as "penile traction", has become considerably more well-documented over the last several years. As successive studies build on the validity of this method, and as more men begin to discover it's effectiveness, the manufacture and availability of these penis enlarger devices grows.

While the science of penile traction remains the same, the technology used to implement it continues to develop. The new product from Male Edge gives us a close look at the next stage in the development of penis enlargers. It is truly the very first "2nd generation device" in the evolution of mechanical penis enlargement.


The developers of Male Edge are not novices in the field of penis traction technology. They are in fact the same team that originally brought us the world's first penis enlarger device, the Jes-Extender™. With over 250,000+ clients worldwide since 1995, Jes-Extender™ revolutionized the penis enlargement market with the creation of penile traction technology.

This development team has not rested lightly on the success of their product. Over the last decade they have worked tirelessly towards creating a second breakthrough in penis enlargement devices. The pursuit of this effort has resulted in a completely unique redesign of the traditional penis extender device.

Male Edge Side Closeup

The Most Innovative Penis Enlarger Ever

Leaving behind the old construction materials of surgical steel, medical plastics and silicone, this new device from Male Edge is specifically engineered to be a lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-use penis enlarger. In fact, it's particular construction is unlike any other penis enlargement device available on the market today.

Comfort and Usability

The creators of Male Edge know fully well that the best enlargement results are achieved with consistent use. To that effect they have carefully crafted a device that not only works extremely well but one that is also designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Ultimately, the more you're actually able to wear the device, the greater the gains in penis size you'll achieve.

Increased Effectiveness

Although Male Edge may look a bit different then traditional designs, you can rest assured that increasing effectiveness was a key factor in its development. Using patent pending technology, Male Edge provides the strongest possible traction of any device by offering up to 2,800 grams of maximum stretch. With prolonged use, this painless and safe stretching device can give any man the ability to significantly increase both the thickness and length of his penis.

Like most quality traction devices, the Male Edge penis extender also helps to simultaneously correct penile curvature while increasing overall penis size. For those men suffering from Peyronie's Disease, or those that simply want a straighter penis, the use of this device can significantly reduce the presence of penile curvature.

Male Edge Packages

Male Edge is available in three distinct packages - BASIC, EXTRA and PRO. These packages are individually distinguished by their respective color themes (blue/white, green/black and red/black) and also by the number of additional options available to each.

Male Edge Basic

Male Edge Extra

Male Edge Pro

Competitively priced from $169.00 to $229.00, each package comes standard with detailed instructions as well as a padded and sturdy carrying case. Customers also receive free email support, access to the customer community forum, an interactive online training program and free protection pads.

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Fully Guaranteed To Enlarge Your Penis

The Male Edge device is designed and manufactured by experts and backed by medical professionals. It is for this very reason that they offer the strongest warranty and guarantee committment of any penis enlarger device in existence.

All Male Edge orders are covered by a full 2 year warranty. In the unlikely event that you run into a problem, simply return the device and they will send you a replacement immediately.

Male Edge is further covered by a double refund guarantee. If upon completing the Male Edge program your penis size has not increased, not only will you get your money back but they'll give you double your money back! It is this type of product confidence that not only adds peace of mind but also provides you with a full sense of security in your purchase.

Benefits of Using Male Edge

  • Increase penis size by 28%
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Can improve erection strength
  • Helps correct penile curvature

Rise Above The Rest With The Male Edge Solution

The penis enlarger from Male Edge offers the perfect solution for men seeking a reliable method of increasing penis size. For ease of use, comfort, affordability, and most importantly effectiveness, there are few other products of this type that can match the Male Edge's excellence.

If you ever wished that you had a larger penis then this is exactly what you need. Whether you're new to natural penis enlargement or simply want to upgrade your existing method, Male Edge can provide you with all the tools you'll need to reach your goal in the shortest amount of time possible.

To find out more about Male Edge and how it can help you achieve a larger and stronger penis, visit the Male Edge Website today.

Male Edge -A New Level in Penis Enlargement

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