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Maxiderm Enlargement Patch Comments

The following are some comments that have been received from men who have used Maxiderm penis enlargement patches.

Maxiderm"Maxiderm seemed very popular so I thought that I would give them a try. I think honestly it was a waste of money. I used them for months and never saw any change! I thought maybe I was doing something wrong but support never answered my emails so I finally quit using them. Overall I was very disappointed with their product."

Sent by: timothy-blogs

The enlargement patches from Maxiderm have probably been available for purchase the longest and they were one of the first companies to promote the trans-dermal application of penis enlargement products. While I give them credit for "main-streaming" the penis enlargement patch, unfortunately the quality of their product and their level of customer support is sorely lacking.

Maxiderm"Made some small gains with maxiderm patches but nowhere near what they claimed (used them for 2 months). I would have kept using them but they gave me a rash wherever I put them and the itching was driving me crazy."

Sent by: Brian Ross

While many companies make claims that are outright ridiculous (3 inches in a month!), in all fairness to Maxiderm a 2 month period of time is really not enough time to see results. You are after all trying to enlarge a part of your body that stopped developing when you were a teenager! I have however received many complaints from users of Maxiderm that their patches were uncomfortable and did cause irritation.

Maxiderm"I saw an ad for Maxiderm patches in Rolling Stone magazine so I figured that they must work... boy was I wrong! While they did make me a little more horny than usual I never saw any significant gain in the size of my penis. If you are looking for something to make your dick hard then they are pretty good, but as far as penis enlargement goes I wouldn't recommend them."

Sent by: franky_franz1

How's the expression go... "Don't believe everything you see/hear/read"? The company that produces Maxiderm has an incredible marketing department and they spend a lot of money on advertising. This however has no bearing on the quality of a product - many times the guy on the bottom of the pole that you never heard about (for instance PROenhance) offers a more effective and overall better product for the same price!

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