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Penis Enlargement Patch Ratings

Below are some user-contributed ratings of different penis enlargement patch products and brief descriptions of their experiences with each.

PROenhance Penis Enlargement Patch Ratings

PROenhance PatchProduct: PROenhance Penis Patches
Rating: 5 out of 5 - Perfect

Pros: Cheaper and more effective then other penis patches. Helpful and knowledgable support staff.
Cons: They make me too horny!
Summary: I went with PROenhance mainly because they had great support and answered all the questions I had before I purchased them. I'm glad I did because these patches really work well and I have seen unbelievable size gains! The only drawback I've found is that they make me incredibly horny! I guess something in the formula does that but I find myself walking around with an erection half the day!

Submitted by: buddyc1 / Paden City, WV

PROenhance PatchProduct: PROenhance Penis Patches
Rating: 5 out of 5 - Perfect

Pros: PROenhance patches are much easier to use then other methods of enlargement I've tried.
Cons: You have to move the location where you wear them each time you put a new one on.
Summary: I've tried other penis patches before but I don't think the ingredients were strong enough. When I'm using PROenhance I can really feel the formula working on my penis! I didn't follow their instructions at first and was just putting the patch in the same place everytime I used a new one. This caused me to get an irritation in that one spot. I found that by moving them around to different locations on my body each time I could avoid causing any skin irritations.

Submitted by: Ray Chao / James Island, SC

PROenhance PatchProduct: PROenhance Penis Patches
Rating: 5 out of 5 - Perfect

Pros: If you need any help, their support team is always available for you.
Cons: I'm trying to quit smoking so now I have to wear two patches at the same time!
Summary: I really like the PROenhance patches. I had tried some other ones before but they kept falling off and just didn't work like they were supposed to. The patches by PROenhance always stay on and the ingredients in them are really powerful so I can feel an actual stimulation in my groin area. The only thing thats tough is if you wear a nicotine patch also then you have to make sure you know which one is which and don't confuse them!

Submitted by: dave349 / Utica, KY

PROenhance PatchProduct: PROenhance Penis Patches
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - Excellent

Pros: The penis patches from PROenhance are easy to use and work fast!
Cons: Because they're so convenient to wear I sometimes forget I'm using them and don't change them as often as I'm supposed to.
Summary: I was using enlargement pills before (from ProSolution) and I wanted to give the patches a try because I got tired of taking pills everyday. The problem I found with PROenhance is that because it wasn't such a strict regimen like taking pills every day I would forget to replace the patches when I was supposed to! The ingredients are very powerful though and I can really feel them working when I have them on.

Submitted by: Ferlautius / Earlton, Ontario Canada

PROenhance PatchProduct: PROenhance Penis Patches
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - Excellent

Pros: You don't have to swallow pills everyday.
Cons: They don't peel off the sticker easy enough!
Summary: I love these patches from PROenhance! They have helped me increase my size by over an inch and a half and give me super rock-hard erections. My only beef is with taking them off the sticker they're on... a lot of times I wind up tearing them because they don't come off easy. Come on guys, you have an incredibly effective product here... try to make them a little less sticky or something!

Submitted by: author_4me / Valley, United Kingdom

MaxiPatch Penis Patch Ratings

MaxiPatch PatchesProduct: MaxiPatch Penis Patches
Rating: 5 out of 5 - Perfect

Pros: Very effective and all the free bonuses are great!
Cons: There's nothing I don't like about MaxiPatch!
Summary: I've only been using them for a few months but the difference they make is incredible. They really increase your sex drive a lot and my erections are always rock hard. I love the penis exercise program that comes with them and by following it I've already gained almost an inch in size. I think it's the best penis enhancement patch product out there!

Submitted by: David / Poughkeepsie, New York

MaxiPatch PatchesProduct: MaxiPatch Penis Patches
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 - Excellent

Pros: Improved my sexual performance, increased the size of my penis (flaccid and erect).
Cons: The bonus semen enhancement pills really didn't do anything.
Summary: I think MaxiPatch is a really good product and the ingredients are very powerful. The patches certainly did what they were advertised to do - harder erections, more sexual stamina and heightened libido. Learning the penis exercises took some time to get down but I'm already starting to see some gains in size. I guess the only thing I thought was a waste were the bonus semen enhancement pills (called MaximumPills). I've used other semen pills in the past (VolumePills) and these just didn't compare.

Submitted by: R. Mignella / Milford, Connecticut

MaxiPatch PatchesProduct: MaxiPatch Penis Patches
Rating: 4 out of 5 - Good

Pros: MaxiPatch helped rid me of erectile dysfunction.
Cons: They didn't work as fast as I thought they would.
Summary: I started using the MaxiPatch because I was having problems getting and keeping an erection. After about 2 months of using them I can now say that my erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past! I guess the only downside for me was that it took that long to actually cure me. I'm not sure if that's because my condition was severe or if it normally takes that long. Either way, I'm very glad that I started using them and I plan on continuing!

Submitted by: Brandon / Renfrew, PA

Vimax Penis Patch Ratings

Vimax PatchProduct: Vimax Patch
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 - Good

Pros: Shipping was great - they arrived really fast.
Cons: Don't come with any helpful addons.
Summary: I tried Vimax patches and while they were pretty good they didn't offer any natural enlargement exercises for better results. I've been interested in learning jelqing and other penis enlargement exercise techniques. It would have been nice if they supplied a program to help increase your gains even more.

Submitted by: Warren W. / Dayton, NJ

Vimax PatchProduct: Vimax Patch
Rating: 3 out of 5 - Average

Pros: Easy to use if you don't like to take pills.
Cons: Disappointed by size gains.
Summary: I don't like swallowing pills so this was a good solution for me. They helped increase my sex drive but I only got a little bigger in size - maybe about an inch. They also are hard to keep on especially if you sweat a lot.

Submitted by: Brian Smart / Delaware USA

Maxiderm Penis Enlargement Patch Ratings

Maxiderm PatchesProduct: Maxiderm Patches
Rating: 2 out of 5 - Below Average

Pros: Cool bonuses with your order.
Cons: Skin irritation.
Summary: I couldn't use the patches from maxiderm for too long in one spot or I'd develop a rash and my skin would get red. I also really didn't notice much of an increase in size. I did like the semen volumizer that came with my order (to help increase sperm ejaculation) and the free "girls gone wild" video was pretty hot.

Submitted by: Richard O. / New Rochelle, NY

Maxiderm PatchesProduct: Maxiderm Patches
Rating: 1 out of 5 - Poor

Pros: Got my money back pretty quickly.
Cons: No noticeable size gain, made me feel ill.
Summary: Really the only positive experience from using maxiderm patches was that after they didn't work for me I got my money refunded without a problem. Other than that my experience was pretty horrible - they didn't make my penis bigger like they were supposed to and after about a week of wearing them I started to get terrible headaches! Buyer beware!

Submitted by: terry_brighton2006 / Miami, Florida

Virility Patch Rx Penis Patch Ratings

Virility Patch RxProduct: Virility Patch Rx
Rating: 1 out of 5 - Poor

Pros: Increase your sex drive.
Cons: Not easy to keep them on.
Summary: The Virility Rx patches helped to increase my sex drive but I didn't get as much size gains as I hoped. I had a problem with them falling off a lot so I didn't use them as much as I had hoped to.

Submitted by: dino_apple12@[edited].com / Long Branch, NJ

Virility Patch RxProduct: Virility Patch Rx
Rating: 1 out of 5 - Poor

Pros: No more pills to swallow!
Cons: They fall off in the shower!
Summary: I hate taking pills so when I found virility patches I was really excited! It's really much easier than swallowing pills everyday but everytime I took a shower they would peel off!

Submitted by: Raymond R. / Las Vegas, NV

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