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The penis enhancement industry is growing rapidly and there are many types of penis enlargement products available today. You can find anything from pills and herbal supplements to penis exercises and machines designed to increase penile size.

One of the newest forms of penis enlargement to emerge is through the use of a penis patch. This method is fastly becoming one of the most popular delivery methods for penis enlarging nutrients.

Transdermal Patch ApplicationThe penis patch is a unique method in that it delivers the penis enhancing nutrients via a dermal patch which is worn on the skin similar to the nicotine patch used by smokers to quit their habit.

These patches are specially designed to facilitate the entry of the ingredients and nutrients into your bloodstream quicker thereby producing results more rapidly than other traditional methods.

The benefit to this method is not only in the time and effort saved by this convenient nutrient transport system but also in the increased effectiveness of delivering the nutrients directly into your body.

In more common forms of penis enhancement such as pills or capsules, your body is delivered a dose of nutrients 3 times a day. Since medications taken orally are often ingested at a higher rate than what the body can actually absorb, much of it passes through your digestive system and is wasted. The human digestive system is simply not efficient enough to assimilate all of the nutrients. This is similar to when taking too much vitamin C - when your body can't absorb any more it simply passes it out through urination. The transdermal patch on the other hand sends nutrients directly through the skin into the blood stream, which is NOT wasteful.

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While there are many different companies online that provide penis patches, only the highest rated and most effective patches will be reviewed and rated here.

Probably the best penis enhancement patch available today is from a company named PROenhance. PROenhance uses a doctor-approved method and the patches are created in a cGMP-Certified Pharmaceutical Facility using the latest technologies and a blend of the most potent penis-enhancing herbs.

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