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Best solution to get 7+ penis inches for young man

I am an 18 year old guy and not very satisfied in my penis

size. I want to reach 7, maybe 7 1/2 inches or longer and

would appreciate your help. Can you please send me some

exercises (photos or videos is best) and whatever else you

think I should know to get bigger in size.

Thursday, August 28, 2008 9:21 PM

Obviously increasing penis size is not the easiest thing

in the world to do or everyone would have a huge penis.

It's certainly possible but it does require some work and

dedication to achieve. For guys just starting out I

suggest following a professional routine that gives you

detailed instructions on how to go about accomplishing

your penis enlargement goals. The exercise program from

PenisHealth will provide you with videos, demonstration

pictures and most importantly, great support. It's also

pretty cheap - the basic program is only $70. You can find

more information and be able to join the program here:

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