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Can a 1 inch penis be enhanced?

If my penis is only 1 inch long, will these items work to

lengthen it? Is there a minimum penis size requirement for


Thursday, October 04, 2007 3:54 PM

There are specific methods that focus on stretching to

obtain length. Both penis exercise programs and special

traction devices are in this category. These are both

excellent ways to add additional length.

While I have never met anyone before who started at such an

extremely small penis measurement, I am fairly confident

that given enough time and commitment it can be increased.

There are no minimum size requirements for penis

enhancement, although you may wish to check with customer

support if you are considering using a device method. Each

extender is designed differently and you should verify this

before making a purchase.

You may be interested in knowing that SizeGenetics is

currently running a promotion to give away their penis

enlargement system for free in exchange for testimonials

from customers. Their system consists of an exercise

program combined with a stretching device. The following

link will send you to a page with more details about this


The technology and techniques that they use have advanced

greatly over the past few years and the results of clinical

studies are looking very favorable. I mention this to you

because I believe that they would be very interested in

testing the effectiveness of their system on such an

extreme case*.

If you have any specific questions that you would like

answered, I recommend that you contact them directly. There

is an E-mail Support form located at the bottom of the page

I linked to above where you can reach someone.

*Please forgive me if your question about the 1 inch size

penis was rhetorical - I have taken it as a direct question

regarding your own circumstances.
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