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Secret penis enhancing and bigger diameter

i was just wondering if there was a different way about going

about this because i am a college student still and i stay at

campus and i don't really want my parents finding out that i

will be taking penis enhancements. The results i want is to be

bigger when having an erection and when i am not erected (i

don't know what the correct term is) i want it to be bigger in

penis diameter.

Friday, April 20, 2007 6:20 PM

The term you are looking for is "flaccid" - that describes the

penis when it is not in the erect state. Also the term "girth"

is how we refer to the thickness or diameter of the penis.

I understand your situation and I actually receive a lot of

emails from men in a similar position. The good thing about

ordering from the companies that we review is that it will not

show up on your credit card (or however you decide to pay) as

anything related to penis enhancement.

Joining the PenisHealth program for instance will show up as a

charge for Lativio LLC which obviously doesn't let anyone

seeing the charge know what the order actually was for. Most

companies do this because they understand it is a sensitive

subject and all information should be kept secretive.
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