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Will penis gains in size eventually stop?

When doing penis enhancement or penis enlargement, does

it ever stop improving in size. In other words, will it

ever stop working for as long as I do it?

Thursday, May 08, 2008 9:33 AM

There is a point where the penis will stop growing. This

is commonly called reaching a plateau when your body is

no longer responding to the stimulation. Having been

involved with enhancement training for several years, I

can tell you that I have reached several plateaus - and

broken through them as well! In those instances,

changing the training routine is usually what helps

overcome this stalemate.

For most men I don't think this is an issue. Adding an

inch or more is usually enough. In my case, I have set a

pretty high standard to reach and I plan on continuing

until I get there.

Although I am extremely happy having added several

inches to both my girth and length, I hope someday to

reach my goal of 10 inches. While my training is more

intense than most, I feel that I will be able to attain

that size given enough time. Meanwhile, I am already

experiencing the benefits of being larger and I am

grateful for having come so far.
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