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Proper measuring of the erect penis length

The pictures and penis measurement instructions are very

easy the way you show it except for one. I want to just

make sure I'm doing this one correctly. I cant tell in the

picture if when you are measuring the erect length of

your penis if the head of the penis should be pointed

upward like towards your belly button, or if it should

just be straight out or if it matters.  I cant tell how I

should be holding it or if in any direction.  If you

could get back ASAP and let me know exactly how to do

that one I'd appreciate it, so I know I am measurig


Tuesday, October 30, 2007 10:55 AM

When measuring the erect penis, the actual position isn't

that important. For some men an erection will point

upwards (towards the belly button) while for others it

projects more outwards from the body (90 degree angle).

To get a proper measurement all you need to be concerned

with is where you place the ruler. If you hold the tip of

your penis when erect, make sure to align the ruler along

the side with the end of the ruler pressing against your

pubic bone.

The most important thing is being consistent in your

measurement technique. Each time you take a measurement,

whether it's a flaccid or erect measurement, just make

certain to always perform it in the exact same way. This

will allow you to accurately track gains in size.
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