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Average male penis stops growing when?

hello i am an 18 year old and i was wondering. when does the

average male's penis stop growing. i have been the same size

since my 7th grade year. I do not think of myself being "big"

or having a "thick" penis. is there anyway i will get bigger

because i feel that i lose confidence when i am with a female?

Friday, April 20, 2007 12:34 AM

In general, the male penis stops growing at around age 18.

It all depends on the individual of course - for some it stops

growing much earlier and for a few men it may continue to grow

after the age of 18. I usually recommend that men wait until

they are at least this age before they start any enlargement


Which method you choose to practice depends on a few things.

How fast do you want to see results, how much effort you want

to put into it and how much money you can afford to spend.

The most complete programs combine exercises and some manner

of enlargement device that is worn on the penis. The

SizeGenetics System for instance incorporates both a traction

device and exercise techniques and is considered by many to be

one of the best and most effective programs available. Because

it is an advanced system it also costs more than joining a

program that say just supplies an exercise program.

For example, I believe the SizeGenetics program costs around

$400 where a program that just uses exercises like PenisHealth

costs from $70-$100.

SizeGenetics Link:

PenisHealth Link:

For better results when using exercises alone you may want to

supplement your workout with herbal pills or patches. Some of

these types of products also come with their own exercise

program included. You can see some comparisons of different

pill providers here:

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