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On this page I have collected testimonials from others who have also achieved great success from penis enlargement programs. If you try any of the recommended methods on this site please feel free to send me your penis enlargement testimonial and I will be happy to add your success story to this page!

SizeGenetics Testimonial

"I finally got up the nerve to ask my boyfriend John if he would try one of those penis enlargement devices that I found reviewed on your website... not that I really minded what his size was but I was curious to see if they really worked.

John was a little hesitant to try it at first but after some convincing (I even told him I would pay for it!) he agreed that he would try it. Guess what... it worked just like they said it would!! I couldn't believe it!

After only about a week of him wearing the stretcher and doing some penis exercises I started to notice some actual results! And ohhhhhhhh is all I can say!

Let's face it, bigger is just better! And his size increase is doing wonders for his confidence too... now he's strutting around the house and flaunting his manhood... not that I'm complaining!! I'm not sure if it's just because of his new size but he also seems to last a lot longer when we're having sex... I think I've created a monster!!

After about 5 weeks he gained over 2.5 inches in length and almost an inch around in thickness. It feels incredible now when he's inside me... sometimes it feels like being with a totally different man! *blushing* I told him that he better not get too big though or I won't let that monster near me (yeah right!) Thanks SizeGenetics for changing our lives!!"

Samantha Green, NC

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ProSolution Pills Testimonial

"I've been taking ProSolution pills for a year now and I absolutely love it. I admit I was skeptical at first but after having read up on it I figured I'd give it a try - and I am so glad I did! I noticed a huge increase in stamina by the second month and by the third month I started seeing a big increase in the length and thickness of my penis in both the soft and erect states. My sex drive is incredible and my wife loves the difference. She is having more frequent and stronger climaxes then ever before!

So far I've gained a good 25-35% increase in penis size and I am extremely happy. I plan on staying on the pills until I reach my target size. Thanks again for recommending a product that actually does what the advertisements say it is suppose to do!!"

Jeremy Turnall, FL

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PROenhance Patch Testimonial

"I was always ashamed of the size of my penis and I used to have a problem with maintaining an erection during sex. As you can imagine I wasn't a very happy person.

On the advice of my doctor I started taking Viagra and while that did help it was just too expensive - I wound up spending over $600 in 4 months! I also tried a penis pump but the effects were only temporary and it was quite embarrassing to have to pump your penis in front of your partner before having sex. After that I considered surgery but having read about some of the dangers and side effects I decided that it wasn't for me.

I almost gave up on finding a solution when I came across your website and decided to give the penis patch you recommended a try.

After having used PROenhance patches I have experienced a dramatic increase in my penis size and now I'm able to keep my erection throughout the whole sexual act. Thank you for finally allowing me to enjoy sex and giving me back my self-confidence!"

Roger W., CA

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Penis Health Testimonial

"When I first came across your site I have to say that I had my doubts. I've always wanted a bigger penis but I honestly didn't believe it was possible. You had a lot of information and resources so I figured I'd join Penis Health since it's the highest rated and most popular natural penis enlargement site around.

Since joining I've been exercising for about 3 months and I've grown 1 1/4 inches in length and I have gained .5 inches in girth... it's incredible!

I always thought I was stuck with what I was born with, but thanks to your recommendation and thanks to the incredible program that Penis Health provides I now know better!

I've stayed with the workout schedule and continue to exercise regularly - these exercises really pay off! I'm also having the hardest erections of my life. I've just started on the enlargement pills so I can get even faster gains! Thanks so much for your site and your great recommendations!"

Mark Miller, NY

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