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Before making the decision to try a male enhancement product, like the new transdermal penis patches, you should really know as much as possible about the product.

Below you'll find some commonly asked questions and answers to help you decide whether the penis patch is for you.

What Do Male Enhancement Patches Do?

The transdermal patch is the latest method of delivering pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients into the body and you've probably seen many common medications that now are available in this form. In the case of male enhancement patches, the ingredients pass directly through the skin and into the bloodstream to increase overall virility and sexual health in men. The most common benefits are better hardness and stamina of erections, increased physical sensations, improved sex drive, and consistent, reliably superior sexual performance with continued use of a good patch product.

How Do Male Enhancement Patches Work?

Since the skin is a surface through which many pharmaceutical ingredients can pass, transdermal, or "through the skin" technology has gained popularity in recent years. Dosing is often more accurate with transdermal patches since the ingredients bypass the digestive system. This results in a more predictable blood level of the pharmaceutical ingredients. With this latest transdermal technology, a high-quality patch works by releasing all-natural active ingredients directly into the bloodstream.

Whats In The Penis Patch?

The exact formulation of ingredients and quality of preparation for the different male enhancement patches varies but most contain a fairly lengthy list of botanical ingredients known to have positive effects for men. These ingredients work by increasing production of testosterone, increasing circulation to the male reproductive organs, balancing hormones to create the correct chemistry for strong libido and performance, and improving erectile function. Any reputable company should be able to provide you with a list of the patches ingredients including the purpose and effect of each and they should also provide you with a statement of manufacture in a certified laboratory.

Are There Side Effects With Patches?

There have been no documented side effects from the use of penis patches. As with any patch application, there is the chance of mild skin irritation at the site of contact. Transdermal patches are, in fact, a great way to avoid side effects since a patch's ingredients do not enter the digestive system so the chance of developing an upset stomach is almost zero.

How Soon Before I See Results?

The effects should be felt within the first two weeks and you should realize the full benefits within several months. Most men use the patch regularly for as long as they wish to enjoy the benefits of a better libido, increased performance and pleasure.

How Do I Use The Male Enhancement Patch?

While this differs by product, in most cases, the patch is simply applied to clean skin in either the lower abdomen area, arm, inner thigh, or on the buttocks. The transdermal technology does the rest! Each patch is usually good for up to 72 hours although it's a good idea to move them to a different location every 24 hours.

Can I Order And Still Protect My Privacy?

Ordering online is a great way to maintain your privacy, but you should always be sure to check with any company about the way they handle shipping. Do they use package tracking? Do they package the product discretely? A reputable company will take steps to be discreet on your behalf and will use a well known courier. I recommend and applaud PROenhance™ for their efforts in protecting privacy and for delivering results.

Is It Safe To Order Penis Patches Online?

If you choose a site that offers a secure server for ordering then yes, you should feel safe. Most online shopping sites now use sophisticated and advanced technology to protect your personal information. If you're still unsure then check with them about the secure status of their site before you place an order or submit personal information. Most reputable companies also provide tracking codes for your shipment so you can follow your order.

What Happens If The Patch Doesn't Work?

First, be sure you're using the product correctly and following the instructions that came with it. Give the product ample time to work - the product information should tell you how soon to expect results. There is however, a small percentage of men who may not achieve the results they desire. While reputable providers of male enhancement patches should offer a full refund to customers who are not satisfied, always make sure to carefully read the fine print.

What Other Ways Can I Improve Sexual Health?

Probably the best way to improve any aspect of your health is to eliminate bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking, give yourself a better diet and exercise regularly. While you're working on healthier living overall, adding a male enhancement supplement can take you to an even better level of sexual performance and pleasure.



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