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I've tried many different penis exercise programs but I was never really that successful in gaining any size. I've been told that just like anyone who trains their body, some people respond more quickly than others. I finally found a routine that has helped me so here is how I did it and also an outline of my program that I think is good for people who find it hard to gain penis size.

I joined Penis Health in December 2004 but I didn't start the program for about a week or so after. I read through the program and alot of the other information on the site first. I printed off the workout log books to use and track my exercises. I was a little cautious at first mainly because I didn't want to hurt myself so I started with the beginner workout 7-10 mins followed the schedule exactly making sure to check off each day as I went. I did that workout for two weeks and then switched to beginner workout 20-25 mins and repeated it the same as the first for two weeks.

I should note that I was also taking ProSolution Pills at the same time. I hadn't seen any gains yet but my penis was feeling stronger. At the time I wasn't sure just how hard I should be putting pressure on myself when doing the exercises but I was keeping it to about a 5-7 on a scale of 10 for discomfort.

At this point I sent in for my free consultation. My main goal was for more length but some girth as well and this is the workout I received:

  • The wake up cloth 3 minutes
  • The Long Shlong 5 minutes
  • The Jelq 5 minutes
  • Pressured Long Shlong 5 minutes
  • Jelq and hold 6 minutes
  • PC Weighted 4 minutes
  • The wake up cloth 2 minutes

While I was waiting for the free consultation I went on to the next workout on the next schedule (beginner workout 35-40 mins). I was using that routine for about a week and then I received the consultation. I used this for about a week but didn't really care for it. I didn't feel it was working as well as it should have although I was starting to see a difference in flaccid state. I decided to go back to the beginner workout 35-40 mins but I combined the two and then began using it like this:

  • The wake up cloth 3 minutes
  • The Long Shlong Heli 8 minutes
  • The Jelq and hold 10 minutes
  • The power stretch 6 minutes
  • Horizontal movement 5 minutes
  • PC Weighted 3 minutes
  • The wake up cloth 3 minutes (I am still doing PC flexs)

For hard gainers we need to be doing more intense workouts then the average person to get the gains we want but you need to ease into them like I did. I work out alot (body-building) and I looked at it in a similar manner. If I'm just starting a workout in a gym I would start by doing light weights and good form until your muscles and tendons get used to the extra strain. I looked at the Penis Exercises the same way although obviously anatomically the body parts are completely different. Your penis needs to get used to the stretching and pulling so take your time and ease into it. I haven't been at it as long as some of the guys and I haven't seen the incredible gains they've gotten. But in the seven weeks since I've been doing it I considered the first two to three weeks as getting in shape for the program. When I started the more intense workouts, I had gained 1/2 an inch in length within the first two weeks. I still haven't seen alot of girth gains yet but I know its coming.

My workouts are 3 days on and one off and then two days on and one off. I will do these for about five to six weeks and then I will take four or five days off to rest and then get back at it again. I'll make sure I keep everyone up to date on what's going on and how my gains are going. The hardest thing I've had to learn is patience!

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. Without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.

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