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Every man would like to know if his penis size is average or not... and hopefully that it's not below average!

There is however, no definitive answer to this question. Many researches have been done and the average penis size has ranged from 6 inches to 6.5 inches. The question is which study to believe?

The study which many believe to be the most accurate is the report done by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for sex. The largest sample of 10,000 men were measured and then the results compiled. The results showed the average was 6 to 6.5 inches in length. Average girth is 4 to 6 inches.

Average Penis Size of Men Surveyed (in inches)
Average Penis Size of Men Surveyed (in inches)

After polling many of the readers of this site, I was able to collect the following data for my own research. Below are the statistics that I compiled based on this information shown in average length and girth of the penis.

Penis Length Survey
Length in inches Percent of men Cumulative percentage
Below 4.00 0.5 0.5
4.01 - 4.50 1.9 2.4
4.51 - 5.00 2.8 5.2
5.01 - 5.50 15.1 20.3
5.51 - 6.00 31.9 52.2
6.01 - 6.50 23.1 75.3
6.51 - 7.00 15.2 90.5
7.01 - 7.50 4.7 95.2

As you can see from the above data, the greatest percentage of men had an average reported penis length of between 5 and 7 inches.

Penis Girth Survey
Girth in inches Percent of men Cumulative percentage
Below 3.00 3.3 3.3
3.01 - 3.50 1.3 4.6
3.51 - 4.00 7.4 12.0
4.01 - 4.50 23.4 35.4
4.51 - 5.00 35.8 71.2
5.01 - 5.50 21.4 92.6
5.51 - 6.00 6.9 99.5
Over 6.00 0.5 100

According to the collected data shown in the chart above, the greatest percentage of men had an average penis girth (circumference) from 4 to about 5.5 inches.

A common misconception is that the size of your penis is directly related to the size of another body part. This is completely untrue. For example a person with big feet does NOT necessarily have a big penis.

Whether you are above or below average, the only person it really matters to is yourself. If you feel comfortable with the way your penis looks then it is not an issue. If you are dissatisfied with the size of your penis however, you could do what I did and set about enlarging your penis. To learn more about some of the best methods available today, be sure to read the Top Recommendations For Penis Enlargement.


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Penis Size Documentary
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