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Performer5™ Ejaculate Enhancer Comments

Here are just a few of the comments received from men using the Performer5™ Ejaculate Enhancer System.

Performer5"In the past I've used penis exercises to work on increasing my size and they also helped with controlling my ejaculations. One thing I lacked was having more semen come out when I ejaculated like you see with those guys in adult films. I decided to try Performer 5 and I really like the results! The amount I ejaculate is noticeably bigger and it feels like the length of my orgasms has increased too. I think it's a great addition to my penis enhancement training and recommend it to anyone who wants to produce more sperm."

Sent by: Harold T.

People are always amazed when they watch porno movies and see the huge amount of semen produced by these men and the powerful ejaculations they exhibit. The truth is that many of these performers use ejaculate enhancers in order to achieve those effects. You have to remember that they're having sex a lot more often than most guys. Without additional supplements to increase semen productions they would simply be shooting blanks. Also, the more semen you produce, the longer the time it takes to pump it all out. This accounts for the experience of lengthier ejaculations when using products like Performer5.

Performer5"I'm a single guy but I have a pretty active sex life. Although I think sex with my partners has been great I always wanted to find a way to last longer and make the experience better. I read an article about Performer 5 and it sounded like something that could really help boost my performance so I gave it a try. I'm really glad that I did because since I've been using it I've noticed that my sex drive has increased, my stamina has improved and my erections are harder than ever. Also when I finally do orgasm I can tell that my ejaculations contain a lot more semen which really turns my partners on!"

Sent by: Joe R.

The ingredients contained in my semen enhancement products, in addition to helping your body produce more semen, also work to improve blood flow to the penis. This helps to increase erection hardness, improve libido and enhance overall sexual stamina. Similar to your experience, I've also found that my partners react more favorably when my ejaculations are larger. This is likely because they equate a sizable amount of ejaculate with their own personal ability to provide pleasure.

Performer5"At 54 years old I'm not what you would consider a young man. Over the last few years I started losing interest in having sex with my wife and it just wasn't the same as it used to be. She found out about Performer5 from a friend and asked me if I wanted to try it. I figured I had nothing to lose so I agreed.

I didn't really know what to expect, I read it increases the amount you ejaculate but I honestly didn't see the purpose for that. Boy was I wrong! It helped me in so many ways its hard to count!

Within a few weeks I noticed that I was getting very sexually excited all the time. When I got erect my penis was harder than you can believe! And when I came it was like an explosion that just kept coming and coming!

The best thing about it all is that my sex life is now better than ever and me and my wife are once again enjoying the pleasures of each other on a regular basis. Performer5 has really turned my life around!"

Sent by: Mr. J. Olsen

The use of semen enhancement products is in no way limited by age. Men both young and old can equally enjoy the benefits of increased semen production. And as you've obviously discovered, leading an active and exciting sex life can do wonders!


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