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Performer5™ Ejaculate Enhancer Plus Penis Exercises

One of the fastest growing segments of the penis enhancement market centers on products called Ejaculate Enhancers, also known as Semen Volumizers. While the great majority of natural male supplements focus on improving penis size, this particular type of product is specifically engineered to increase the volume of semen produced during ejaculation. One of the latest ejaculate enhancement supplements to become available is a product called Performer5™.

This powerful system also includes free access to High Quality Penis Exercises. Not only will you be able to boost the amount and strength of your ejaculations but you'll also learn one of the most effective ways to increase the size of your penis naturally!

Performer5 Vit5 Supplements and Exercises

Performer5™ differs from other ejaculate enhancement products primarily due to their unique "Dual Combination System" which utilizes two distinct semen-boosting supplements. It is through the sheer combined volume of essential nutrients contained in this system that Performer5™ manages to offer one of the most effective products ever created for increasing semen output.

Performer5™ Essential Nutrients

The Performer5™ dual combination system works by equipping your body with all the essential ingredients needed to increase semen and sperm volume. These potent nutrients help lay the foundation for increased blood flow to the penis, rapid semen production and stronger erections.

Performer5 Dual Enhancement Combination

Some of the ingredients in Performer5™ and their associated benefits include:

  • Zinc: Plays an important role in energy production within the body's cells. The purer the concentration of zinc consumed, the greater the amount of semen produced. Performer5™ contains a full 150mg of zinc in order to significantly boost semen production.
  • L-arginine: This amino acid is clinically proven to stimulate growth hormones. By synthesizing nitric oxide it helps to maintain erection strength, increase sperm count and improve sperm motility.
  • Creatine monohydrate: This ingredient is traditionally used by bodybuilders to delay the onset of fatigue by buffering the buildup of lactic acid within muscles. It helps to boost energy and sexual endurance.
  • Pomegranate: This fruit enriched with 70% Ellagic Acid has been called "nature's own Viagra." It has been found to improve blood vessel and overall penile health.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: The seeds within this plant produce chemicals to support healthy levels of testosterone. It also aids in the production of the hormone commonly associated with increased sexual appetite, desire and stamina.

While these are only just a handful of the numerous ingredients included in this versatile supplement, each have been selected to achieve one cumulative effect - to boost your overall production and output of semen.

Performer5™ Benefits

The Performer5™ formulation is a 100% organic and natural supplement that contains no synthetic chemicals or ingredients. Each of it's components are handpicked to enhance the sexual experience by providing the following benefits:

  • Increase semen production by up to 500%
  • Create more powerful ejaculations
  • Intensify and prolong orgasms
  • Achieve harder and stronger erections
  • Boost virility, stamina and sexual appetite

Performer5 Increased Orgasms

Unlike prescription drugs which pose numerous risks to your health, Performer5™ is completely safe for long-term use. Because it contains only 100% organic ingredients, this supplement can be taken daily without any worry of negative side effects.

Performer5™ Features and Bonuses

In addition to the powerful semen-enhancing supplements, Performer5™ also comes with an extensive range of features and bonuses. As with most products, the more you order the more you'll receive. Each successive package upgrade offers increasing value by providing a huge range of supplementary DVD's and additional enhancement supplements, not to mention free shipping and excellent customer support.

  • Performer5™ Essential Nutrients (all packages)
  • Free Shipping (all packages)
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Customer Support (all packages)
  • PenisHealth™ Ejaculation Control DVD (2 month package and above)
  • Free MaleExtra™ Enhancement Pills (3 month package and above)
  • Seductive Massage DVD (4 month package and above)
  • Real Sex for Real People DVD (4 month package and above)
  • Access to LoveCentria™ Online Sex Guide (5 month package and above)
  • Additional Free Box of Performer5™ (12 month package)

Performer5 Additional Bonuses

Performer5 GuaranteeEach one of the bonuses are well worth the cost of the upgrade and can help save you $100's in the long run. It's also easy to take advantage of these bonuses knowing that Performer5™ is fully backed by a solid 6 month money back guarantee. This allows you to safely and confidently enjoy the product knowing that if at any point you are not satisfied you will receive a 100% refund of your money.

Final Analysis

For men looking to effectively boost semen and ejaculate production, the Performer5™ Dual Nutrient System provides an excellent opportunity to achieve your goals. The creators have managed to tackle some of the most important aspects of a successful semen enhancement product by supplying not only an effective supplement but by also providing excellent customer service and support.

Order Performer5

By significantly increasing ejacluation volume and orgasm power while also improving erection strength and stamina, Performer5™ has proven itself one of the best solutions for achieving long-lasting sexual success. You really couldn't ask for more from a semen enhancement supplement!

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