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The following are just a few of the comments that have been received from men using the penis enlargement pills from ProSolution.

ProSolution Pills"My name is Mike and I'm writing to you to thank you for your recommendation of ProSolution Pills. I had been wanting to try penis enlargement pills for a long time but I just couldn't decide on what brand to get since there are so many different ones available. I was going to order the ones I saw on TV with that porno guy promoting them but the commercial just seemed so ridiculous! After I found your website which seemed so knowledgable I decided to go with your advice and get the ProSolution ones. I ordered a 4 months supply and within about 2 months I started seeing some real results! Who would have thought that these pills could actually make your penis bigger this quickly! Thanks again for your help in deciding which pill to get... now I'm gonna go order a years worth before everyone finds out and they run out of pills!!!"

Sent by: mike_likes_it69

While television advertising for penis enlargement pills is becoming more popular, it's very likely that the product referred to by Mike in the above comment is Extenz. This is the penis pill that is promoted by famous male adult porn star legend Ron Jeremy. While I do applaud Extenz on their attempt to bring male enhancement pills into the mainstream, unfortunately you can't judge a product by their large marketing budget and famous endorsers unless the product actually produces results... and Extenz is not a very highly rated product in the industry.

ProSolution Pills"I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your help. After reading your review of the top rated penis pills I decided to try prosolution out. I was going to try Nitroherbal first but I liked what you had to say about ProSolution so I went with them instead. Boy am I glad that I did. These enlargement pills rock! I workout alot so adding some more supplements to my diet was no big deal... but now I'm hooked on them! I wish they sold pills like these that could help make my biceps grow! Thanks man!"

Sent by: bodybuilder2day

Using natural herbal supplements to improve your health is nothing new. While diet and exercise are very important, the benefits of adding additional nutrients to your body to stimulate growth and enhance performance (and penis enlargement is no different here) are enormous.

ProSolution Pills"The ProSolution pills you reviewed are the best! Well I guess you knew that huh? I had been using a different brand but they made me feel sick and I had to take like 5 of them a day. With these I only need to take 2 a day and they work way better anyhow! I've attached a pic for you (if you want to use it on your site thats cool) that shows how big my dick has gotten since using the penis pills. I wish I had a before pic but I really didn't think taking them would make much of a difference. 2 inches man... I gained 2 WHOLE INCHES!!! Keep up the good work with your site... there's lots of guys out there like me that need this info!"

Sent by: happier_than_3vr

I have seen specific penis enlargement pill manufacturers that sold products that required up to 10 pills taken daily. I find it simply ridiculous that such a high dosage should be necessary regardless of what the product is... thats just way too much! Most of the best performing pills require no more than 3 pills a day (taken with meals) or in the case of high-potency pills like the ones supplied by ProSolution only 2 pills per day is advised.

ProSolution Pills"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your website and the information you've provided about penis enlargement products and male health. I've been using the pills by ProSolution that you reviewed and have made incredible gains in size. My girl is really loving my new and improved penis too! I think I'm going to try out the SizeGenetics device next since I have a curve in my penis that I'd like to straighten. Thanks for your recommendation!"

Sent by: full9long

I'm glad that you and your girlfriend are happy with the gains you've made! Increasing the size of your penis is not only something you are doing for yourself... sure its great to be able to have a large penis but the real reason has to do with our sex partners. It has been polled several times but the result is almost always the same... women prefer larger penis sizes over smaller penises because they offer more stimulation and increase sexual pleasure. With several different natural enlargement options available today there is no reason why any man shouldn't want to improve himself and his sex life.

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