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Here you can find two penis enlargement techniques that were provided to me by Penis Health for use on this site. These exercises are very basic and not accompanied by video or graphic illustration. As such they will not yield much in the way of results on their own. They are quite common, unlike the many unique ones that can be found on the Penis Health site (they provide over 30 specialized techniques including pictures and video tutorials). I do hope these exercises will help you, if only a little bit.

If you are truly interested in learning how to enlarge your penis then the best thing you can do is head over and read my Top Recommendations. By following the advice that I give there you will be guaranteed to add inches to your penis size. It worked for me and it has worked for many more of my readers as well.

For more basic advice and tips check out the user-contributed articles located on the Penis Workout Advice page of this website.

Get More Blood Into The Penis

To perform this warm-up you will need a cloth or small towel and access to warm water. First find an ample sized face cloth. Wet it with warm water until it is soaked through. The temperature should be hot but manageable. Wrap the cloth around your penis and testicles. This may feel strange and slightly painful at first, but this passes quickly and should be easy to adjust to.

Keep the cloth in place for 1 minute. When 1 minute is up run the cloth under the hot tap and repeat the procedure once again holding it for 1-2 minutes. If after the 2-3 minutes you feel you are ready to exercise continue with your workout. If not then re-apply until you feel loose enough and ready to continue with your workout. Warm-up is essential.

The warm-up as mentioned above is ESSENTIAL. You should never skip the warm-up in your routine as this will lead to minimized gains. It is also a good idea to finish off a workout with a "warm down" which is essentially repeating the procedure above.

Penis Exercise Steps

  • Obtain a small hand towel.
  • Wet this hand towel using warm/hot water.
  • Place the hand towel around your penis and testicles.
  • Wet the towel again to keep it warm.
  • Leave the hand towel on the penis for 2-3 minutes.
  • Place the towel aside and perform workout.
  • When workout is finished re-heat the towel.
  • Apply the towel to the penis for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Always use the same towel for hygiene purposes.

The Basic Stretching Exercise

Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up and ready. Your penis should always be completely limp and flaccid - it's a bit difficult to perform these exercises if you have an erection. Take the head of your penis in your hand (if you have a foreskin then pull this back so it does not get in the way - remember you are pulling the penis NOT the skin). Stretch it out directly in front of you, holding it for 10-15 seconds. You should be able to feel the stretch at the base of your penis. Repeat the action 4 or 5 times. After that, relax your penis and massage the head to restore normal circulation. This method applies to stretching up and down.

Next, take your penis firmly in your hand and pull the penis to the right until you can feel a pressure on the left side of your penis. Hold it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times. Afterwards, massage the head to restore circulation. After you have completed this, repeat the exercise only this time pulling to the left. Don't worry if you feel a good amount of stretch - this is normal and healthy.

Once you have done this exercise a few times you will have a basic understanding of exactly what to do. Take your time in progressing - being too adventurous could result in unwanted injury. You will eventually want to progress to a more detailed workout routine offers a free consultation and they can create a custom workout plan designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Penis Exercise Steps

  • As per usual warm up thoroughly.
  • Grasp the tip of your penis firmly, below the head.
  • Pull it out in front of you and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps.
  • Relax and gently massage head of penis.
  • Stretch penis to right and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Relax and massage head of penis.
  • Stretch penis to left and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Always repeat for desired number of reps.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. They are very basic exercises but without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.

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