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Semenax Sperm Enhancer Comments

Below are some user submitted comments from men who have tried the Semenax sperm enhancing product.

Semenax"I was very dissapointed with my purchase of Semenax Pills. On their website they claimed that the pills would increase my semen production by up to 500% but I barely felt any effects! I emailed them several times to ask if maybe I was doing something wrong but they never responded. I would have thought that they would at least answer my questions!"

Sent by: Mark_Adams44

Some companies make ridiculous claims about the effectiveness of their products and you really shouldn't believe everything you read on their websites. Semenax does work but their formula just isn't as effective as other products available. Poor support however is absolutely unacceptable. A company that sells a product should be there to answer any questions you have within a reasonable amount of time. I guess they have their hands full answering all of the other complaints from customers!

Semenax"I found that Semenax was pretty effective at increasing my sperm output. I definately noticed an improvement in the strength of my ejaculation. I would have liked to keep using them longer but they made my stomach upset so I had to stop taking them. I've used other herbal supplements before but they never effected me this way."

Sent by: frank.rogers22

There have been more than a few complaints from people experiencing sickness when using these pills. Unfortunately any individual can have an adverse reaction to an ingredient contained in a supplement. You really won't know until you try it... but if you do feel sick you should stop immediately and request your money back!

Semenax"I'll never order anything from Semenax again. They made me a little more horny while I was using them but I was expecting this tremendous increase in my semen volume and that never happened. I tried to get my money back after about a month and they told me I had to use them for 2 months first. After 2 months I requested the refund again and they told me that I had missed the guarantee deadline by 3 days!"

Sent by: thomas_p315

You must read the small print in the guarantee carefully before purchasing any product. Many of the guarantees you'll find for these products are confusing. Semenax says on their website that you have a 67 day guarantee. But if you read carefully you'll see that you must use their product for 2 months first and then you have 7 days to request your money back. This practice is quite underhanded since they know that many people will miss that 1 week "window of opportunity" and therefore not qualify for a refund. In essence you only have a 1 week guarantee! A company that is sure of their products effectiveness will have a much more liberal policy such as in the guarantee from VolumePills.

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