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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Comfort System

SizeGenetics In HandPenis extender design has evolved considerably since the first device was invented years ago, particularly in the very important area of comfort. Early models used a simple noose-based construction that could cause irritation after prolonged use. Fortunately this is no longer an issue with the new Medical Type 1 devices that provide multiple comfort options.

One of the industry leaders has taken comfort to a whole new level by providing a device that offers an incredible 58 different ways to wear their extender. No matter the shape, size or sensitivity of your penis, this new design allows men to easily wear the device all day long without experiencing any difficulty or discomfort whatsoever.

58 Way Comfort Technology

When it comes to penis enlargement devices, the most important factor will always be comfort. If you can't wear one properly because it chafes, pinches or cuts off blood circulation then you won't get the results you're after. That's why the SizeGenetics 58 way comfort system is so incredibly important - it allows you to choose the configuration that feels best for you!

The complete system is comprised of a silicon noose, comfort strap, protection pad, fabric covered latex head grip and a non-slip protech matt strap. These individual components can be combined in a variety of ways to provide you with the most comfort, support and ultimately, the best results.

Silicon Noose
The most basic component, the silicon noose loops around and just beneath the head of the penis to hold it in place and allow stretching of the penile shaft.

Comfort Strap
As an alternative to the silicon noose, the comfort strap covers a greater surface area which allows it to grip a larger area of the penis instead of just under the penis head.

Protection Pad
The protection pad adds extra comfort when using either the comfort strap or the silicone noose by giving you additional padding between your skin and the device.

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip
These specially designed grips can be used to help further protect the penis if you find that either the silicon noose or comfort strap is causing discomfort by rubbing the skin.

Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap
This strap helps if you find that the size or shape of your penis is causing it to slip out of the extender. Using this non-slip strap with either the silicon noose or comfort strap will dramatically reduce slippage.

Ultimately the specific combination you choose will depend on the size, shape and angle of your penis. Since you are supplied with all of these components, you can experiment with different configurations and customize it to a setting that is most comfortable for you.

Multi Directional Angling Technology (MDA)

Another way that SizeGenetics has revolutionized penis extender comfort is through the use of Multi Directional Angling Technology (MDA). By incorporating MDA into their design, the SizeGenetics device can be adjusted to an angle that best suits your individual physiology. This is a tremendous advantage over many other devices that wrongly assume all men have the same angle to their penis.

This is particularly good news for men with extremely angled penises or even those suffering from penile curvature. No matter how severe the penis angle, the MDA technology enables you to safely extend your penis by inches while simultaneously reducing and correcting the curvature.

The Importance of Penis Extender Comfort

In order to achieve the best results, a penis extender device must be worn consistently over a certain period of time. As you can see by the chart below, the longer you wear the device, the greater the results.

SizeGenetics Growth Chart

It is therefore crucial that the penis rest comfortably within the device. If the extender pinches or irritates the skin you may become reluctant to use it which will hinder your progress. Devices take this into consideration and give you a variety of different modifications so you can use the device to its full potential.

Whether your penis is thick or thin, curved or extremely sensitive to the touch, the SizeGenetics extender with 58 Way Comfort System and MDA Technology allows you to tailor the device to suit your own personal needs, ensuring your long term satisfaction.

The creators of SizeGenetics are in fact so confident in their product that they are willing to prove it's effectiveness by offering a free penis extension device. Simply send them a testimonial including your before and after photos from using their device and SizeGenetics will give you up to $389.85 back as a way of saying thank you.

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