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Is Extenze a legitimate product or just a scam?

Does extenze and products like that really work or is it

just a scam that is put out there to make money off of


Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:53 AM

The answer is not quite as straight-forward as you might

like. Yes, there are products that are proven to work...

there are also companies out there that supply products

that are completely ineffectual.

Extenze is a product that generates a lot of attention,

largely in part because of their expensive television

promotions. This however does not directly relate to the

effectiveness of their product.

We do not endorse their product for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they contain a large amount of a substance

called Yohimbe. You can learn more about that here:

Simply put, this is not something you want to ingest in

large quantities due to the numerous side-effects. 

Secondly, they promote their product as more or less a

"miracle pill" that when used will increase size. To be

perfectly clear, a legitimate natural enlargement

solution will combine a supplement with an exercise

regimen. Extenze does not include the very important

exercise program that is a necessary part of the

process. To be truly effective, you need to manually

stimulate the penis (either through exercise or the use

of a special traction device). Supplements are added

that work to increase the blood flow and enhance the

effectiveness of the techniques themselves.

Natural enlargement is not, and has never been, an easy

process. You are after all trying to increase the size

of something that for all intents and purposes stopped

growing when puberty was reached. To elicit growth, you

need to follow a strict routine and you need to allow

time for it to work. If it were easy then you can rest

assured that every man would be doing it.

It is however, definitely possible to increase your

size. A truly effective program, such as the one

provided by ProSolution, gives you all the tools you

need along with the very important support necessary to

accomplish that goal. It has worked for thousands of men

who have dedicated themselves to adding inches. You can

read some comments from users here:

You can read our full review here:

I'm glad that you contacted us - our website exists

solely to weed out the ineffectual methods from those

that actually work. As you can imagine, it's an ongoing

and time consuming process to keep up with all the

products and "scams" that flood the market daily.

Many men jump at the claims of instant enlargement and

wind up wasting an incredible amount of money for

nothing. The products that we review and rate are not

only legitimate solutions but come with solid money-back

guarantees (ProSolution has a solid 2 month guarantee).

You have already demonstrated a greater than usual

intelligence by questioning the effectiveness of one

popular product and for that we commend you. If you have

the desire and perseverance to follow a proven system

then there is no reason why you cannot accomplish all

your goals.
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