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Do penis patches work in increasing penis size

thankyou for replying to me and for giving me the information.

i have relayed this inquiry to the pro-enhance manufacturer.

By the way, i am curious to know whether penis patches really

work in increasing penis size. it is true or just another

scam? the penis isnt a muscle. i will be hoping for your reply.

kind regards

Saturday, May 05, 2007 10:08 PM

You're very welcome! I'm sure that the manufacturer will be

able to address your exact concerns more effectively than


I understand your skepticism regarding penis enlargement

solutions especially with so much bogus information available

online. Keep in mind that penis patches are just one aspect of

true enlargement - the exercise program that comes with a

purchase is truly where gains come from. Trans-dermal patches

(or any other kind of herbal supplement really) are mostly to

increase blood flow, enhance erections and work to increase

the effectiveness of the exercises.

Yes it is true that the penis is not an actual muscle but

instead composed of ligaments and spongy tissues. However,

body modification is not the exclusive realm of muscular

tissue. The honest truth is that most men (including critics

and medical professionals) have never actually undergone the

process that natural penis enlargement involves. While it is

within the scope of any man to enlarge his member, it does

require dedication and commitment to doing the workout

routines daily and staying focused on the end result.

I will not lie to you - it is not an overnight solution and

will take time. How long depends entirely on the individual

(on both his own determination as well as specific genetics).

Most men however can significantly increase their size if

that is truly what they want.

ProEnhance is an extremely good product and the exercises that

are supplied are both authentic and effective. You do not,

however, have to take my work for this... I believe they still

offer a 6 month money back guarantee so if not satisfied with

your results you can always have your money refunded.

Thanks for taking the time to write me back!
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