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Increase the number of ejaculations while taking Levitra

I am a 50 year old male and I take levitra to help with

my erection, I am only able to climax once and I am

looking for a vitamin supplement to take that will

increase climax number and still be able to take levitra.

Sunday, January 20, 2008 12:24 PM

The type of supplement that you might be interested in

is called a "semen volumizer." These are all-natural

pills that are designed to increase sperm production -

this translates to more powerful orgasms and a larger

ejaculate amount. I don't know of any side-effects from

using it in combination with a prescription drug such as

Levitra so you may wish to contact their support

department directly:

Keep in mind, this is not an overnight solution. It

takes time for your body to assimilate and adjust to the

herbal formula before you start to experience the

benefits. This varies from one man to the next - for

some it may only take a month before you start seeing

results, for others it may be several months.

Regardless, the product is very effective when it is

used consistently and also very affordable. I personally

purchase a 6 month supply twice a year to save money and

it has increased the quality of my sex life

tremendously. If you haven't seen the review then I

suggest you read this page:
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