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Questions about how pills from Prosolution work

Can you tell me, once you've done a course of the ProSolution

pills is the improvenment permanent? Or to maintain length etc,

must you continue taking ProSolution? Do the improvements

reverse once you stop taking the pills?

Many thanks.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 2:52 PM

It's important to use penis enhancement pills initially because

of the effect they have on your body. They are important since

they help to promote blood flow to the region. One of the most

important aspects of natural penis enhancement however is

penis exercises. While the pills are designed to help augment

gains, and can be discontinued after a certain time, it is the

exercise techniques that should be done regularly to

maintain your growth.

While it depends on the particular individual, in general using

the pills for a minimum of 6 months should be sufficient.

Again, it all depends on the person... some may see gains

quicker, while for others it may take longer. Everyone has

their own physiology and some peoples bodies will react more

quickly than others.

I always recommend giving the supplements at least a 4-6 month

period to get full exposure to the ingredients. And performing

the exercise workouts is vital to seeing actual results.

For more questions regarding ProSolution pills I suggest

reviewing this page:

Thank you again for contacting me and I hope that I have

helped answer your questions.
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