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Natural penis pills to keep you harder

Whats the cost for the penis pills and do they keep your

penis hard? How long should I take them and do I need a

doctors prescription to buy them?

Thursday, August 21, 2008 12:48 PM

There is no prescription needed for natural penis pills

but the cost varies depending on the manufacturer and the

amount you purchase. The larger the supply you buy, the

cheaper the cost per package. For example, a 6 month

supply is far less expensive per package then a single

month supply.

Yes, top rated penis pills are very effective at increasing

erection hardness as well as stopping impotence, premature

ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. They do not of course

work immediately and you need to allow some time for your

body to properly assimilate the ingredients. I recommend

buying a minimum 6 month supply for maximum effectiveness.

The top rated product is available from ProSolution. You

can see pricing information and ordering instructions at

the following link:

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