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Help prevent penis from getting tired

I really have no problem with size or penis longevity. My

problem seems to be that I'll go for a long time and my

penis will become tired and worn out before I cum. So

sometimes I just cant go any longer and dont get to cum

because my penis gets tired and in turn becomes flacid.

Is there something I can do to be able to keep it rock

solid the whole way through, but not exactly increase my

finish time?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 4:36 PM

Although most penis exercise programs highlight the growth

aspect (that's what the majority of men are interested

in), exercises are also designed to strengthen erections

and increase sexual stamina. Those are just two of the

beneficial side effects of using proper technique.

It does however take time before you can build up your

endurance. Just like any form of exercise, your body

needs to become adjusted to the new stimulation before it

starts to build in strength.

Some programs come packaged with enhancement supplements

which help to improve blood flow and increase

circulation. This is very helpful in recovery and helps

quicken your response to exercises. They are also

effective at amplifying erection hardness naturally. I

recommend the program from ProSolution - you can learn

more about their exercise and supplement regimen here:

My personal routine has evolved over the years and I have

custom tailored it so that it gives me the best results.

Every person tends to respond differently so it's

basically part of the process. I have however added the

ProSolution supplements to my daily diet and I am very

pleased with the added boost they provide.
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