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What increases semen ejaculate more, patches or capsules?

Is there a penis enhancement patch or capsules that will

increase the size and amount of semen ejaculate? If so,

which product works better?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 4:11 AM

While some penis enhancement patches like those available

from ProEnhance do help somewhat to increase ejaculate

volume, they are more geared towards stimulating blood flow.

They are primarily designed to help generate faster growth

when used in conjunction with penile exercises.

Penis Patch Review Page (ProEnhance):

These patches however are not specifically designed to boost

semen output like some other natural supplements. For

instance VolumePills are made for exactly one purpose -

to increase ejaculate volume.

Increasing Semen Volume (VolumePills):

It is possible to combine both products in order to enhance

semen output while also increasing penis size. Keep in mind,

VolumePills (or really any other semen volumizer product)

does not work overnight. Maximum effectiveness is usually

experienced within a 2-3 month period of daily use. Output

can be boosted by up to 500 percent normal volume in this

time frame.

While you may experience some increase in semen volume when

using enhancement patches, this type of product is more for

men looking to actually stimulate and enhance erections and

ultimately increase their size. Semen volumizer capsules are

the way to go if you are just interested in boosting

ejaculate output.
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