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Flaccid penis won't stay erect for very long

I am a 20 year old boy who has a problem with keeping erect.

I have erections when sleeping and when I masturbate sometimes

my penis gets erect for about 1 minute after that it turns

flaccid. When I have relations with a girl and I'm inside her

vagina my penis turns flaccid. I'm worried because I'm so young

and it's a problem already.

Saturday, November 15, 2008 9:37 AM

Having problems with a soft (flaccid) penis is a very common

condition. It can happen at any age although usually it does

happen to older men more often. To fix your problem I would

suggest using a combination of enhancement pills and exercises.

ProSolution pills are designed to increase blood circulation

and enhance erections. Using this treatment for a few months

will usually fix your problem pretty easily. They also come

with specially designed exercises that will help improve the

health of your penis.

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I recommend using this treatment for at least 6 months. For

more information about the penis pills read our review here:

This will help make your erections harder and also make sure

that they last for a long time. It also has the added benefit

of making your size much larger.
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