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Everyday pills for maximum penis growth

They say you have to take penis pills every day. Is it a

permanent growth or do you have to continue taking them

for a certain amount of time for them to work?

Thursday, August 28, 2008 6:55 PM

Penis pills are designed to promote blood flow. This helps

get the most benefit out of doing the exercise techniques.

I use the pills as an everyday supplement because they

contain valuable nutrients but it isn't necessary to

retain the growth that is achieved through penis

exercises. You can learn more at this link:

I'd say the majority of men use pills for about 6 months

to a year and then gradually stop taking them once they

are satisfied with their size. At that point you only need

to perform a moderate amount of exercises to keep your

gains. Whether you decide that you like the effects of the

pills and would like to continue taking them is entirely

up to you.
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