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Can vitamins affect penis strength and increase blood flow?

2 Questions: First can taking too many vitamins affect

the strength in your penis? And what's the best natural

penis pills to get the blood flowing in your penis for

longer erections?

Saturday, February 09, 2008 2:29 PM

I would think taking too much of anything probably isn't

a good idea! As far as sexual health goes, this depends

on the exact vitamin you're taking. Usually however the

body will just expel the excess nutrients it doesn't use

through urination.

I know many men who swear by ginseng for helping with

erection strength. Personally it never helped me much.

In fact I was probably taking too much because sometimes

it made my heart race and I felt dizzy.

The product that I would recommend is something that is

designed to specifically increase blood flow to the

penis area. This combined with a good natural exercise

program is what helps to increase penis health and

therefore erection quality. Here are a few vendors that

you can check out:

ProSolution and VigRx are both good programs, although

ProSolution has a more extensive exercise program and

better overall support. They're also running a great

special for Valentines day - I'm not sure how long it

will last so you'd better check with their website first:

Ok I just checked and it looks like the offer is good

until March 1, 2008. It's not a bad deal either for the

year supply and it looks like you'll save a lot of money

by ordering in quantity. I usually tell most guys to get

at least a 6 month supply since it takes a while for

your body to assimilate the formula. You'll also need

time to learn some of the exercise techniques and let

your penis become accustomed to the increased


If you start on a program and give it some time to work,

you'll definitely see a noticed improvement in size,

strength and endurance. Once your overall health has

increased you can scale back and maintain if you're

satisfied - at this point it really depends on whether

you're interested in enlarging it further or just wanted

to get it in better shape.
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