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Taoist Sexual Health and Penis Enhancement

Natural penis enhancement, far from being a modern-day invention, has in fact been around for thousands of years. The ancient Taoists were the first to discover the important relationship between the sexual organs and maintaining good health and long life. Through specific methods of Chi manipulation, the ingestion of herbs (as a means to increase Chi flow) and the use of precise sex practices, the Taoists learned how to improve quality of life as well as increase sexual potency and performance.

Taoist Articles

The following articles give insight into the Taoist Sexual Health philosophy and contain advanced penile enhancement methods and practices.

The Mind-Body Connection (Part 1 of 2)

Mind-BodyMost men tend to focus on the physical aspects of penis enhancement training such as performing specific exercise techniques or using a dedicated penile traction device. While these methods are certainly vital to achieving results, the role your mind plays in your overall success is something that cannot be overstated.

Mind-Penis Energy Manipulation (Part 2 of 2)

Mind-PenisEnergy exists and flows through each of our bodies in a never-ending cycle. Understanding this fundamental concept is an important step on the journey towards improving and enhancing your sexual health. Actually learning to sense and manipulate those energies is something that only comes with practice.

An Introduction To Taoist Sexual Exercises (Part 1 of 3)

Taoist Sexual ExercisesPreserving health and prolonging life are two of Taoism's primary goals. It is from these principals that Taoist sexual exercises were in fact developed. These techniques are meant to condition the organs and help increase the sexual energies that exist in us all.

Instructions For Taoist Sexual Exercise Set (Part 2 of 3)

Taoist Exercise SetIn this section we learn about a specific Taoist sexual technique commonly referred to as the "Deer Exercise." The proper use of this exercise helps to enhance sexual potency and prevent or cure existing sexual dysfunction problems.

Overview Of The Deer Exercise (Part 3 of 3)

Deer ExerciseThe preceding article gave instructions on how to perform the Taoist Deer Exercise technique properly. Here we'll look at the origin of this exercise and the benefits that can be achieved from strengthening the body's sexual organs.

The Tao of Sexual Knowledge (Part 1 of 2)

Tao Sexual KnowledgeTaoists long ago understood the importance of the sexual glands and their relation to our own "life force." Ancient writings tell of techniques designed to help us live healthier and longer lives through the practice of specific sex techniques.

Tao of Sexual Knowledge Revisited (Part 2 of 2)

Sexual Knowledge RevisitedThe Taoists were among the very first practitioners of penis enhancement techniques. Their objective to increase Chi (internal energy) within the body using special exercises enabled them to both improve sexual functioning while naturally increasing penis size and boosting semen production.

Taoist Treatise on Methods of Testicle Stimulation and Semen Production (Part One)

Taoist Treatise - Part 1The Yi Gin Ching, or "muscle tendon changing classic" contains the only written documentation about early Taoist sexual enhancement practices. This article covers 4 specific techniques designed to increase semen production and strengthen the sexual organs through the use of physical stimulation.

Taoist Treatise on Methods of Testicle Stimulation and Semen Production (Part Two)

Taoist Treatise - Part 2Continuing the series on Taoist testicle stimulation techniques, this article examines the 5 remaining treatises contained within the set. One of the exercises, referred to as Jade Stem training is particularly effective for increasing sexual desire and endurance.

Taoist Teachings Regarding Ejaculation and the Prostate

Ejaculation and ProstateThe act of ejaculating represents an enormous amount of energy lost from the body. Taoist wisdom helps us understand the natural relationship between ejaculation and the prostate gland and further advises how to avoid this depletion using a technique known as "injaculation."

Sex and The Ancient Taoists - Shu Nu Ching

Shu Nu ChingThere is a fundamental difference between how modern medicine and the ancient Taoists look at issues of health and disease. The western medical approach focuses on treating a problem whereas the Taoists believe prevention in the most effective means to living a healthier life.

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