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I have been a member of Penis Health for about 5 months. Prior to Penis Health I was a member of 3 other sites. First I joined It pretty much focused on stretching and jelqing. There were no pictures or moves to help demonstrate the exercises. And their support really sucked so I gave up on them. That is when I found out about penis enlargement pills. I ordered 4 months of vig-rx thinking they would increase the size of my penis. They had a special promotion going on at the time where if you ordered their pills you would get a free 6 month membership to

They said you didn't have to use the exercises to see gains and that the pills would do it on there own. After 3 months of taking the pills and no gains I gave up on them. I wasted $200.00 for nothing! Now I was starting to get really frustrated and thinking that penis enlargement was just a scam.

Then I mistakenly joined a third site thinking it was Penis Health and boy was I in for a surprise! When they finally sent me my user name and password it was nothing like I expected. It was no different then the other two.

The last and final site I joined was After I realized that I had ordered the wrong program I had finally got the program I wanted. Now the real journey begins.

This is where it all started. After a week of just looking over the forums and all the different exercises it was time to pick a routine. I started out with a pretty basic routine. I did this routine for about a month. I gained about 1/8 of an inch in length that month. Already I was feeling good about myself knowing that I was finally getting somewhere and not just wasting my money. Here is my first routine:

  • The Wake Up Cloth 2 Minutes
  • The Long Shlong 5 minutes
  • The Jelq 8 minutes
  • Horizontal Movement 3 minutes
  • The Wake Up Cloth 2 minutes
  • 3 Days On 1 Day Off

After that month I decided to step it up a notch so I bought a power-jelging device hoping that it would better the gains. Incorporating that with my routine I did this:

  • Warm Up 5 minutes
  • Stand in shower and let water run directly on it
  • Power-jelq 15 minutes (each rep 2-3 sec.)
  • Seated Stretch 10 minutes (Two 5 minute seated stretches)
  • Seated on the edge of a chair penis hanging down freely to the floor. While completely flaccid take hold of your penis and stretch it directly down to the floor.
  • Cool Down 5 minutes
  • Same as warm up
  • 3 Days On 1 Day Off

I didn't last long with this routine. I found it hard to keep a partial erection while using the Power-Jelq so I gave up on that. So I went to another routine almost like the one above but I traded the Power-Jelq with manual jelqing. Since I began this new routine I have gained 5/8 of an inch in length. My new Routine:

  • Warm Up 5 minutes
  • Manual Jelq 15 minutes (4-5 sec. per rep)
  • Warm up 5 minutes (I think this extra warm up really helps get the ligaments warmed up for stretching)
  • Seated Stretch 15 minutes (3 five minute sets)
  • Cool Down 5 minutes
  • 2 Days On 1 Day off

I will have to keep you up dated on how things go from here. Starting size: 6 1/4" length, 6" girth. Current Size: 7" length, 6" girth

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. Without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.

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