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VigRX Penis Enlargement Pills Comments

The following are just a few of the comments that have been received from men who have tried VigRX penis enlargement pills.

VigRX Pills"I ordered a bottle of vigrx penis pills after I saw an ad on the tele but I truly didn't see much of a difference. They seemed to make me slightly more horny than I usually am but I saw no apparent gain in penis size."

Sent by: edwardUK_leeds

While not effective enough to rank as the top performing penis enlargement pill, to be fair to VigRX it is highly unlikely that ANY penis pill will show you gains after only just one bottle. When adding any new supplement to your diet your body requires time to assimilate the nutrients into your body with a steady dosage before you can expect to see noticeable results.

VigRX Pills"I was looking for a way to increase my penis size for a long time and I finally bought VIG-RX because it seemed very popular and I saw a lot of advertisements for them. After using them for a few months I noticed that my penis was more full and my sex drive increased but my penis did not get as big as they claimed it would."

Sent by: Marvin T.

Most penis enlargement pill companies make claims that are simply unbelievable... they are after all trying to sell their product! VigRX has been around for a long time and they are very popular but they certainly don't supply the best performing enlargement pill. They do know however that their product works otherwise they would not be able to offer any manner of guarantee without having gone out of business a long time ago.

VigRX Pills"VigRx pills have definately helped me to gain some size but their support isn't really that good and they don't offer a good supplemental exercise program. I've been researching penis enlargement a lot and most say that doing specific penis exercise techniques can really help to boost your penis size!"

Sent by: joseph_watton33

Penis pills are only one aspect of natural penis enlargement. Many of the leading manufacturers of pills have realized that enlargement exercises help to improve the effectiveness of their products and are now supplying targetted programs to enhance size gains. Sadly, since VigRX has been around so long and they are apparently satisfied with their current product, it doesn't seem likely that they will improve their system any time soon. Fortunately there are companies out there like ProSolution and MaleExtra that have decided to take penis enlargement to the next level and offer a more complete system of enhancement. By combining both supplements and exerise routines, their solutions are ultimately increasing the end result for the customer which is after all the thing that matters the most.

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