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Vimax Extender Enlargement Device Comments

The following are just a few of the comments that have been received from men who have tried the enlargement device from Vimax.

Vimax Extender Device"I tried the penis device from Vimax but was dissapointed with my gains. According to their website I would gain up to 4 inches and so far I haven't seen any difference! I haven't been wearing it as much as they say to but its very uncomfortable and feels bulky underneath my clothes. Also the instructions that come with it really don't tell you much."

Sent by: Gerald J.

You can't always believe everything you read. Last I checked Vimax claimed an increase of 4 inches in 4 months... that claim is simply ridiculous. It takes time to increase your penis length and girth and to think you can do it that dramatically in such a short period of time is simply nonsense. Penis traction devices do work but you need to give them time to work and you must be dedicated in your use of them.

Vimax Extender Device"About a year ago I bought the vimax extender because it seemed like an easy way to make my penis bigger. Well I can tell you that the extender has helped to make my penis bigger when its soft but it really hasn't done much to increase my size when its hard. I only bought it because I thought it would make me bigger when I'm hard!"

Sent by: Frederick S.

Natural penis enlargement is not an easy process. It does take time, effort and dedication. The first increases you should notice are in the flaccid state but soon afterwards you should also notice a thicker and longer penis in the erect state. However, the amount of time it takes to increase your penis size when using only a traction device by itself is longer then if it is combined with specialized penis exercises. Vimax supplies only the traction device. A superior system like the one from SizeGenetics combines a traction device with specific enlargement exercise techniques that help to improve your gains significantly and in a much quicker time period.

Vimax Extender Device"I developed a rash from using the extender from Vimax so I had to stop using it. I contacted support several times but they never even replied to me. Finally I decided to get my money back but they said that the guarantee period had expired. I will never use another product from them again!"

Sent by: marcus@[edited].net

Wearing a device on your penis is usually a new experience for most people. If your skin is very sensitive there is always a chance that it may cause irritation. The device from Vimax seems to be rather flimsy in design and so there is more of a chance that it will cause problems. Regardless of the quality of their product there is no excuse for poor support. There are ways to alleviate any discomfort and they should have supplied you with that information. Poor support is inexcusable and one of the reasons why SizeGenetics is ranked higher than the other traction device manufacturers out there is their excellent dedication to customer support.

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