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VolumePills Semen Enhancer Comments

The following are just a few of the comments that have been received from men who have found success with the top-rated semenizer pills from VolumePills.

VolumePills"I had always been looking for something that would make me cum more since I always had a problem with low semen output and it was kind of embarrassing. I found your site by doing a search for volume enhancers and I liked your review of VolumePills. I decided to try the VolumePills and just wanted to thank you for your recommendation! I saw results only after about 2 weeks of taking them regularly and now I'm shooting loads like crazy! I had read somewhere before that eating raw eggs would increase your semen volume but all that did was make me feel sick. After taking these pills I'm now ejaculating like a porn star! Thanks for your advice!"

Sent by: huge_loads18

There's alot of hype about different types of foods that supposedly increase the amount of semen you produce. Maybe if eaten in huge amounts you might see an effect but I personally have never experienced any significant increase. The only thing I've found to actually help with low semen output are a few specialized semen volumizers like the ones found on this site. VolumePills is one that would put any pornstar to shame!

VolumePills"Great site! I ordered the VolumePills after I saw your amazing demonstration video but I really thought that it must have been some kind of trick you used to make it seem like you were really pumping that much sperm. Well I was wrong! These semen enhancers really work great! The first time I came really hard my girlfriend got mad because she thought I was peeing on her!! Anyhow, thanks for your recommendation and if you ever need a new demo video for your website let me know because I'd be happy to supply you with one!"

Sent by: jack_attack2006

After I started taking VolumePills and noticing a HUGE increase in my sperm output I decided to dust off the old webcam and make a movie! I always wondered what life would be like as an adult film star... but I don't think there's much of a future in it for me! Click here to visit the review page which contains the demonstration video.

VolumePills"I can't believe how strong my ejaculation has become... these pills should come with a warning! I nearly shot my wife's eye out! Hahah just kidding with you... seriously though, those pills are just amazing! I thought really thought that I used to cum alot before but since taking them I now know what its like to really shoot a load! And its amazing how it feels when your penis just keeps pumping and pumping... sex will never be the same! Thanks!"

Sent by: mr_mcknightly

It's true... when you have your first big orgasm its pretty much like nothing you've experienced before. One of the great things about volumizers is that the more sperm you produce, the longer it takes to actually finish and therefore prolongs ejaculation. While men can't experience multiple ejaculation like some women can (ok, maybe with serious meditation...) it's still great to be able to "amplify" the orgasms that we do have.

VolumePills"I'm writing to you today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your recommendation of VolumePills. My wife and I had been trying to conceive a child for over a year but without any success. After using these pills for about 2 months I was amazed and thrilled to discover that my wife was pregnant! Our fertility doctor says that he doesn't know how it is possible but we believe that it's no coincidence that this happened after using the VolumePills. Thank you again and we wish you the best."

Sent by: 2_plus1_makes3

I'm no doctor so I honestly can't say that increasing your semen amount will actually affect fertility rates. I can however easily see why it might. Just to be on the safe side I always make sure to be very careful during intercourse... I'm not ready for children!!


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