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A Month Doing Natural Penis Enlargement

I have been doing exercises for around a month and have seen some great gains. For my workout, I do one day on and one day off. By working in a day on day off fashion, I believe that my penis is able to heal faster. Specifically, I work out really hard one day, and the next day my cock has time to grow immediately.

For warm-up, I think a great idea is to take a container, fill it with water, and dip your dick and balls into the bath. I find this to be very comfortable and extremely effective.

For stretching I have found that the sit-down stretch is the most effective by far. In addition to the sit down stretch, I perform a stretch that is like a revised long shlong. My stretch is like a standing sit-down stretch, so it helps with flaccid and erect gains. To begin, find some sort of stand and place your right leg on top of it, so that it is elevated. Then, reach behind your body and pull your dick towards your left leg. This will feel like an intense stretch, BECAUSE IT IS!!! Do this for around five minutes with the right leg elevated, and then elevate the left leg and perform the stretch for five minutes.

For jelqing, I find that the normal jelq is extremely effective. However, I have designed some techniques that combine stretching and jelqing. First of all, remember to perform this exercise while you are on your knees. By remaining on your knees, the blood in your body will all flow to your midsection, where your penis is located. To perform the exercise, do a regular jelq, but instead of pulling straight, pull as far to the left as you can, and then pull to the right as hard as you can. By doing this, you are expanding your blood chambers and stretching your penis. This is an awesome and extremely effective exercise, but it is very intense, so be careful.

Now that I have told you some background information, here is my routine:

First, I do the warm-up defined above. While warming-up, I perform as many kegels as possible. Thus, I am able to combine warm-up and kegels, and help to shorten my workout. Do this warm-up for a minimum of two and a half minutes.

Second, I perform the stretch exercise defined above. As an added bonus, while stretching the penis, I flex the pc muscle and hold it. I believe that this helps with flaccid girth, because it has really helped me.

Third, I perform a normal jelq for ten minutes.

Fourth, I move into the jelqing exercise defined above for an addition ten minutes. As another hint, I would recommend that you do extremely slow jelqing reps. As a way to enhance your jelqs, I would also recommend that you flex your pc muscle before performing the jelq rep, as this helps to pump more blood into the penis, thus enhancing the jelq!

Fifth, I perform a variation of the horizontal movement exercise to increase my flaccid girth. I perform this for around five minutes. What you do is you hold the base of your penis with your left hand. With your right hand, perform the jelqing movement. When your right hand reaches the head of your penis, release your left hand. After releasing your left hand, proceed to perform five pc flexes, and then squeeze with your left hand and repeat the exercise.

Lastly, I put more hot water in the container, and perform the warm-up exercise again.

****Important notes****

When I started the program, I always wanted to know what you should feel like after performing the exercises, as this helps to ensure that you are performing them correctly. So, I am going to provide that information here:

  1. Your penis should feel heavier, thicker, longer, and the veins should be more pronounced.
  2. The bottom of your penis will feel a little sore from the stretching exercises, but this is good, very good.
  3. You may see some red dots on your penis, but these are a result of the increased blood flow and are nothing to worry about.

As another note, I would strongly suggest using the ProSolution Pills. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!! I have looked around the web and there are many independent sites that have rated the pills as number one. I also have friends that have used the pills and doubled or even tripled their growth rate, by combining the pills with the above exercise program. If you want to accelerate your growth, get some ProSolution Pills as soon as possible!!!!!

This is everything I can think of right now to say. I truly hope this helps everyone, and I want to know if it does. So, if you use my program and enhanced exercises, tell me your results and how everything is going for you!

This workout advice article was provided by a member of Penis Health who is using natural penis enlargement techniques.

The exercises that are mentioned can be found in the natural penis enlargement programs that are reviewed on my site. The penis enlargement pills sometimes referred to in some of the articles are also available for review.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. Without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.



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