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Every method of penis enlargement has its pros and cons. The right choice will vary from individual to individual, so you should learn a little about penis enlargement options to make the best decision for yourself. If you'd rather just skip ahead to see what I have tested and found to be the absolute best methods then click here to see my top recommendations!

Basically there are 5 currently popular methods:

  • Targeted penis exercises.
  • Penis enlargement supplements.
  • Penis enhancing pumps.
  • Penis stretchers and weights.
  • Surgical augmentation.

Penis Exercises

This is the most natural method of enlarging the penis, but not all exercises are effective and some can be outright dangerous. Many of the programs I reviewed seemed to be based on little research or anatomical understanding. Very few had been developed with medical professional input.

Of all the penis exercise programs reviewed, the only one I fully endorse is Penis Health. It is the only exercise exclusive online resource to offer a researched and independently tested and medically supported program. The site is easy to navigate, contains clear, concise diagrams and video instruction, is continuously updated, and employs a full time team of researchers and personal trainers.

On average, the program only takes about 7 minutes per day. They have a success rate of 99.8% and they also guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Herbal Formulas

This is an herbal method of enlarging the Corpora Cavernosa (and thus enlarging the penis) by stimulating the blood flow to the chambers, resulting in an expansion of the wall tissue and healthy cell growth in the walls of the chambers. Because of its convenience, this method of enlargement is currently the most popular.

While the overall success rate with herbal formulas varies because there are alot of unscrupulous manufacturing practices within the industry, there are two herbal penis enlargement companies that really do provide the results they promise: ProSolution Pills™ and PROenhance Patches™.

Penis Pill Supplements

ProSolution Pills™ were developed over a two year period and contain only doctor recommended, all natural ingredients. Users of ProSolution Pills™ can experience up to 1-3 inches in length, as well as the additional benefits of heightened orgasmic pleasure and an end to premature ejaculation. The company is so confident that you will see improvement that they offer a 2 month 100% money-back guarantee! For more information, please see my penis pill review page.

Trans-Dermal Enlargement Patches

The one other herbal formula I was impressed with and heartily recommend is PROenhance™. This product is completely unique in that it administers the 100% all natural formula with a dermal patch, similar to the "Nicotine Patch". Many men find this to be the most convenient method of penis enhancement.

Reviewed and approved by doctors, I found PROenhance™ to be one of the best herbal methods of penis enlargement. The results are quick (within weeks), excellent (2-3 inches in length, 1-2 inches in girth), and fully guaranteed by the company. Read my review of PROenhance™ Trans-Dermal Patches for more information.

My research has shown that by using a combination of penis enlarging methods you can often achieve the results you desire more quickly. By combining an excellent exercise regime with a quality herbal formula product you can achieve penis enhancement without the need for dangerous procedures such as surgery.

Penis Pumps, Weights and Stretchers

The use of weights and pumps I am strongly against. Penile pumps and weights have been around for years with the theory that by hanging heavy weights from your penis or by expanding it with vacuum pressure you can cause your penis to retain those exaggerated proportions. I generally do not recommend these devices as they provide very little growth, and if used incorrectly can result in injury to the penis.

Traction Devices

The only safe and effective devices that I have found make use of the traction method. Traction devices apply only calibrated, gentle pressure and are safe, easy-to-use and fully adjustable to fit any size penis.

One system I found that really stood out as superior is the SizeGenetics™ penis enlargement system. Their program combines a high quality traction device with penis enhancing exercises to deliver the safest and fastest results.

For men who want to approach their penile enlargement from several angles at once, SizeGenetics™ is by far the most fully encompassing solution for fast, guaranteed results. My review of SizeGenetics™ has more details on this incredible product.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

As with all surgery, penis augmentation has its list of drawbacks including, but not limited to: extreme financial cost, pain, post surgical recovery time, risk of botched surgery, and risk of surgical complications.

With today's natural, easy and financially feasible solutions, I highly suggest selecting an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.


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