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The following are some pointers for beginners of natural penis enlargement. This information was supplied by one of the many happy members of Penis Health. To learn more advanced techniques and routines be sure to check out their website.

  • It is very important to make sure you start your training with a proper warm up first. If you start off your routine right away without warming up the area, just like when you are doing any kind of exercises, there is a good chance you can injure yourself!
  • PC (pubococcygeus muscle) flexes throughout the day are a good idea. This is the muscle that allows you to make your penis bob up and down when you have an erection. Doing this will help to increase the strength of your erections. I had serious erections problems before but now they are getting stronger with this exercise.
  • Workout 20-40 minutes but do not kill yourself on your workouts. Don't over-train! Some people do and that is why they see no results. Always take days off. It's like when you train with weights... if you bench press heavy weights everyday it won't get you the results you want. You need to allow your body to recuperate from your workout.
  • Dont give up it takes time! You need to be patient and make sure you follow your routine religiously. Once you start seeing results it will make it easier to keep training.
  • A good workout should begin with a warm up stretch (12 min), 200-300 reps of jelg and then the ferrari trio - 10 reps of each.

    The workout really doesn't take that long once you get used to it. My penis got thicker doing it and my workout is only 25 minutes. I'm still working on length but my thickness increased by about a half inch in just a couple of weeks.
  • Eat plenty of healthy foods. If you eat apples it will make your semen taste sweeter and your girl will thank you for it! Anything with oats is good for your penis too. Chicken is also good as it releases testosterone in your blood stream and helps erections.
  • Every night before you go to sleep drink a tall glass of water. This really helps with sexual stamina and healthy erections. It also helps to clean the impurities out of your system.
  • Keep masturbation down to a minimum - I know it's hard but try! Maturbation is normal and healthy, but when you're trying to build up the strength of your penis it doesn't help if you are limp from having ejaculated repeatedly.
  • I switched my routine to two days on and one day off. It seems best if you work out the same part but do it with a different exercise. Just like when you do curls in weight lifting... you should do it one way one day and the next time you do it from another angle. This helps technique and results and my penis has gotten a lot stronger.
  • I've learned that you get better results if you workout in the flaccid state. I've been trying that and so far I noticed that it has been keeping my penis thicker and longer. There are exercises that are done specifically in the erect state but their kind of advanced so I won't go in to that here.

That's about all that comes to mind for now... if I think of anything else to add I'll make sure to let you know! Good luck to everyone and I hope my beginner advice helps you out!

This workout advice article was provided by a member of Penis Health who is using natural penis enlargement techniques.

The exercises that are mentioned can be found in the natural penis enlargement programs that are reviewed on my site. The penis enlargement pills sometimes referred to in some of the articles are also available for review.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. Without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.



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