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Unfortunately, with penis enlarging methods and products so high in demand a lot of fraudulent companies have overtaken the market. It is difficult to wade through the vast amounts of information and determine the good from the bad. However, with a few simple pointers you should be able to steer clear of the rip-offs and avoid the penis enlargement scams.

Before you make a purchase, make sure to apply the following questions to any product you are considering buying.

Are The Listed Ingredients Top Grade?

Low grade ingredients in penis enlargement supplements can yield little to no results, and possibly cause other internal complications. Make sure that the company you deal with lists all the ingredients of their penis enhancing product and guarantees the quality of the ingredients.

Do You Get A 100% Money Back Guarantee?

If the company is confident that its enlargement product works then you can feel more confident that the product will work for you. Any effective penis enlargement product will have a refund policy in place if you should be dissatisfied with the results. Make sure you understand the complete terms of the guarantee and exactly what you will need to do to request your money back if you aren't satisfied.

Do You Receive Ongoing Support?

If a company really has developed its own product, or devised a unique system with medical research, then they should provide you with ongoing support to ensure that you are using the enhancement system or product appropriately. If a company does not have customer assistance then do not use them.

Did You Receive The Info Via SPAM?

Unsolicited email is illegal and no reputable company would advertise this way. Unfortunately, as you are no doubt aware, there are many nefarious solicitors promoting penis enlargement products are they are probably the worst offenders out there. Avoid companies that use spam to advertise.

Does The Marketing Look Professional?

Is the website or printed material professionally designed, or does it look like an amateur made it on their home computer? While you can't always judge a book by its cover, you should be able to distinguish a legitimate site from one that was thrown up quickly.

Is It A Well-Established And Respected Company?

You want to purchase from a company that has a successful track record of satisfied clients who have provided true testimonials to the effectiveness of their penis enlargement product. I myself highly recommend ProSolution™, PROenhance™, Penis Health, and SizeGenetics™.

Does The Site Have A Sensible URL?

Avoid sites that have URLs (the website address) that seem designed to cram in every word that a search engine may look for. This type of company (or more likely individual) is usually just looking to make some fast cash and has not dedicated the research to developing an effective, safe product.

Is Your Privacy Protected?

When ordering products online you want to be sure that your privacy is protected and that your personal information is secure. Most legitimate companies provide a secure server for purchases that encrypts your information so that no one can steal it. You can tell if the connection is secure by the URL - regular websites begin with an http:// before the address... a secure server will use a https:// (notice the extra s) before the site address.

Another thing to check is that your information will not be given out to third-parties. Sometimes a company will collect a list of customer information and sell it to another company... any reputable company will provide a privacy statement that should mention that this practice is not used.

Finally, any professional penis enlargement company will ensure that your actual shipment is discreetly packaged in a plain wrapper and that it shows no reference to the actual contents. The charge that shows up on your bill should also not be easily identified as a purchase from a penis enlargement company. Respectable business make sure to treat you with the utmost respect for your privacy.

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