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I started doing Penis Enlargement after I finally decided to register with Penis Health. I must say, it is very informative and educational too, with members offering their ideas and tips to help out others! Well, I am happy to report that after three weeks of doing enlargement exercises that I have made gains in length and a little in girth too! I figured that I would share my tips and routine and maybe somebody might find a bit of it useful for them.

The first and probably one of the most important steps is the Warm Up. I use a facecloth (or a handtowel) and run it under hot water and wrap my entire package for 1 Minute. Then I reheat the cloth and heat them up again. I do it 5-6 times, enough so that I'm loose and the blood is flowing.

Next, I do a series of stretches. The first one that I do is I sit down and grab a kleenex and wrap it behind the head of my penis. I grab with an reverse OK grip (thumb/finger towards base) and stretch down for 10 Minutes, getting a good, hard pull. Now, my hand will ache after a few minutes, so I will switch hands, using the same grip. Here's a tip: before resuming the stretch with your other hand, I Warm UP for 1 Minute, then continue. I feel I get a really good stretch! And I keep at it until 10 minutes is up!

Since I don't get a really good stretch doing the regular Length Exercises, (personally I don't feel I do, but everybody's different) I stand up and raise a leg onto the counter. I reach behind and under my leg and grab my penis and stretch it. I get a better stretch doing it this way. I do this stretch for 5 Minutes, not letting up. Then I switch legs, (lift the other leg), but before I stretch it for another 5 Minutes, I Warm Up again for 1 Minute. Also, at the last 15 seconds of the stretch before the 5 Minutes are up, I do the Power Stretch, flexing my PC for 20 seconds. So, for a total of 20 Minutes of Stretching!

I do Jelquing for 30 Minutes (or approx. 450 Jelqs). Each Jelq is about 2-4 seconds from start to finish. Here's another tip! Instead of using the regular OK grip I use an overhand OK grip (pinky towards the head) because I find that I can grip closer to the bottom of my penis than using the regular grip since the three fingers get in the way of grabbing the base close. On the pressure scale, I go at about an 8 out of 10, and I can really feel the blood being pushed into the head, with nowhere for it to go. Feels good. But every once in awhile, I switch back to the regular OK grip just to shock it from being handled in a different way.

Also, here's another tip when you Jelq. Just before gripping at the bottom of shaft, squeeze your PC to get some extra blood into it and then do your Jelq. This way, you do two exercises, and also get more blood in your penis to really expand yourself.

As far is girth is concerned, I do the Ferrari Trios to promote thickness. These are wicked! I do Girth exercises for 5 Minutes.

While I am still lubed up I do Testicle Treats (funny name I know) for about 5 Minutes. Can't leave my balls out y'know!

To finish off I hop into the shower and relax everything with a shower that is as hot as I can tolerate! Later on in the evening I do the two foreskin restoration exercises, each for about 20 reps!

And this is my routine! My schedule is 3 on 1 off, 3 on 2 off, because this is (at least to me anyways) a really beat-my-dick-to-death program. But it is working, so... why mess with it?

Here are some more useful tips:

  • After showering and drying off, I apply some Vitamin-E to my penis to soothe and repair the stretched skin from the vigorous exercises.
  • I also take penis enlargement pills - I swear by ProSolution!
  • Always listen to what your penis is telling you... if your working him too much, ease off. Pain is something to be avoided!
  • Don't overstretch your penis! You want a good hard stretch, but not where you pull a ligament and cause it to retract and possibly form scar tissue, thus maybe leading to Peyronie Disease. Be smart and safe, you only got one!

This workout advice article was provided by a member of Penis Health who is using natural penis enlargement techniques.

The exercises that are mentioned can be found in the natural penis enlargement programs that are reviewed on my site. The penis enlargement pills sometimes referred to in some of the articles are also available for review.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for injury that may result from use of these exercises. Without the proper videos or pictures they could be dangerous. Use at your own risk.



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