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Giant Johnson Exercise Program Comments

The following are some comments received from men who have used the Giant Johnson penis enlargement program.

GiantJohnson Program"After using the Giant Johnson enlargement program I can say I'm pretty disappointed. I saw a lot of advertisements for them so I figured they must be a good program but the exercises are very basic and they don't have any support to speak of. I guess its good that it got me interested in learning more but I don't think its more than a beginner level program."

Sent by: R. Walther

While GiantJohnson is a very popular program and you will find ads for them everywhere, they do really only offer the most basic of enlargement techniques. These are solid exercises that will promote growth but if you're interested in learning advanced methods to really create significant size gains then your money would be spent more wisely on a program like Penis Health - which also happens to cost less!

GiantJohnson Program"Some of the exercises I've learned from Giantjohnson were making my penis very sore. When I contacted support with my concerns it took them over a week to get back to me and all they told me was to perform the exercise less frequently. I really want to learn this stuff but its hard when you can't get help!"

Sent by: peter_falkin

If you read through my site you will see a common theme that I repeat over and over again - one of the most important things to know when deciding which system to choose is the quality of support you can expect. A natural penis enlargement exercise program uses routines of highly advanced techniques that need to be understood and performed properly in order for them to work. Without the professional support that comes with a quality program you are wasting your money and may even cause injury to yourself. If you aren't getting that support then you need to get your money back!

GiantJohnson Program"I followed the instructions from the giantjohnson program exactly and I did start to see some gains but I really couldn't find the time to do it everyday. Probably the best thing I got from the program was that it helped to straighten a curve that I had in my penis which I was very self-conscious about."

Sent by: Joey Gallagher

Most penis exercise systems include techniques to help straighten a curved penis and that is just one benefit. Other techniques are geared towards preventing premature ejaculation and dealing with other erectile dysfunctions. Regardless of which natural enlargement program you choose to follow, it is vital that you are consistent and dedicated in your practice of it. If you only do it half-heartedly and skip days then you should expect that your results will reflect that. Like with any workout routine, dedication is the key to success.

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