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History of Penis Enlargement

Many people believe that the growing popularity of penis enlargement today is a new trend and that this phenomenon likely stems from an increase in sexual activity in present society. While it is true that modern society in general has experienced a heightened awareness of sexuality, the topic of male enhancement is by no means a novel idea and the history of penis enlargement is long and extensive.

A special importance has always been placed on the male genitalia going as far back as ancient Greece. While the ancient Greeks actually viewed smaller penises aesthetically superior to large ones, they nonetheless, placed great effort on insuring that their genitals remained healthy.

During this period, young men would exercise naked and would protect their genitals by stretching the prepuce over the glans and securing it to the penile base using a ribbon.

Penis Weight Hanging

The practice of hanging weights from the genitalia began around two thousand years ago with several tribes located in Africa. Some believe that this exercise goes back even as far as ancient Egypt, where the pharaohs themselves used it to increase their sexual pleasure.

Weight hanging itself is simply the method of attaching something heavy to the penis in order to stretch the tissues that make up the penis shaft.

While this technique has been proven to be effective in lengthening the penis, it has also been shown to result in diminished penile girth. This approach also deprives penis cells of a much needed oxygen supply and other nutrients often resulting in poor blood circulation.

Herbal Male Enhancement Formula Solutions

Over time, other safer and less drastic methods of male enhancement were eventually developed including the application or ingestion of herbal substances. The Chinese employed a vast selection of treatments and herbal medicines like ginseng and yohimbe, which are still used today to increase penis size and enhance sexual virility.

Today, there are a number of all-natural solutions including pills, patches and topical oils that use the same ancient ingredients to achieve natural and painless penile enhancement. In addition to their sexual benefits, these herbal treatments are also used to treat and prevent medical conditions such as tuberculosis, kidney disorders, heart disorders and diabetes.

The Development Of Penis Exercises

Another method of male enhancement developed in ancient times was the use of penile exercises. Young men in Arabic civilizations for instance, were taught specific penis exercises know as Jelq (Jelqing) as a "coming of age" ritual. Jelqing involves massaging the semi-erect penis in a rhythmic and regular fashion, thereby increasing blood pressure within the shaft and stretching the tissues.

Today there are many exercises used to develop the penis and if done regularly and correctly the results are astounding (see Penis Health Review).

The Latest Mechanical Penis Enlargement Devices

In recent years, man has incorporated his greater technical knowlege into building mechanical devices used for penis enhancement.

In the early 20th century, the penis enlargement pump was invented by an Austrian named Otto Ledever. This marked the beginning of modern equipment use in the area of penile treatment. The penis pump basically creates a vacuum and causes the cells to swell with blood causing a temporary enlargement effect.

Modern day traction devices (see SizeGenetics™ Review), instruments that force penis cells to grow by applying a continuous stetch along the length of the penis, were invented to generate a more effective enlargement solution.

The Many Forms Of Penis Enlargement

All of these methods and techniques are still present today in one form or another. Knowing the history of penile enlargement is important in order to have a better understanding of each method's background and effectiveness. With this knowledge you can better understand which technique is better suited to your needs.

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