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How To Correctly Measure Your Penis

Possibly one of the most important elements when practicing natural penis enlargement is tracking your gains. In order to record your progress it is essential to accurately measure your penis and to make sure that your measurement technique remains consistent.

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Measuring The Flaccid Length

illustration of measuring flaccid penis lengthThe flaccid length of the penis can be effected by many variables including temperature. This means that you might experience contradicting results depending on the temperature of the room that you are in.

Since flaccid gains are the first gains that come with a penis enlargement program, a certain standardized way of measuring the flaccid penis is used to keep the results accurate.

To measure accurately it is important that you measure from the side of the penis. Stand up straight and extend your penis in front of you (it important NOT to stretch it). Your penis should now be parallel with the floor. Place the ruler next to your penis so it is slightly pressing against the pubic bone. The ruler and your penis should be parallel with each other.

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Measuring The Erect Length

illustration of measuring erect penis lengthThe length of the penis in its erect state is what most people are primarily interested in. Again it is best to measure from the side of the penis. This method is the standardized way that researchers use to measure the "average penis size" which is incidentally between 6" and 6.5" when erect.

Firstly make sure you have a 100% erection where you would consider it the "most erect". Hold your penis below the head and place the ruler next to it with your other hand. The ruler should be slightly pressing against your pubic bone. Measure to the nearest millimeter - it is important that you do not EXAGGERATE the measurement... if anything it is recommended that you under exaggerate. Exaggeration on the measurement could lead to a lack of motivation in the future. Make sure you do the measurement right from the beginning!

Measuring The Flaccid Girth

illustration of measuring flaccid penis girthThe girth can be extremely awkward to measure because many people have different girth measurements depending on which part of the penis shaft that you measure. The standardized way is to measure in the center of the penis shaft.

While flaccid hold your penis out in front of you and wrap a tape measure around your penis. Do not pull the tape measure too hard - pull it to a reasonable level and remember this LEVEL of tightness for the next time you measure. The average flaccid length of girth is between 3" and 4".

Measuring The Erect Girth

illustration of measuring erect penis girthMake sure that your penis is 100% erect and then proceed with the measuring. Hold your penis out in front of you so it is parallel with the floor. With your other hand place the tape measure around the penis making sure not to pull too tight. Again, pull it to a reasonable level and remember this LEVEL of tightness for the next time you measure. The average erect girth is 5" to 5.5" according to recent surveys conducted.

Checking For Penis Growth

By following the instructions above, you now can accurately measure your penis to check for growth. When using any natural enlargement method, including devices such as those described in these penis extender comparisons, you will want to re-measure your penis at least every other week in order to track your total size gains. Measuring your penis becomes a lot more fun when you can actually watch it growing longer and thicker!

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