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MaleExtra™ Penis Enlargement Pill Comments

Below are some of the comments received for the "dual-action" MaleExtra™ penis enhancement pill and exercise system.

MaleExtra"Ever since I was a young man I've always been self-conscious about my sexual abilities, or rather my lack of. I've had partners who came right out and told me that I just didn't satisfy them because I wasn't big enough. I've tried many things like penis pumps but they really only helped temporarily and left my penis feeling sore. I finally decided to try the MaleExtra penis pills and exercise program and I'm glad that I did. Not only did it increase the blood flow to my penis and make my penis harder than ever, after a few weeks I noticed that my penis was actually getting bigger! I would recommend MaleExtra to anyone interested in increasing their penis size without having to use complicated devices. It may take a little longer to work but it's definitely worth it!"

Sent by: Mike S.

Thanks for the info Mike. We never recommend penis pumps for men seeking permanent size gains because frankly the risks just aren't worth the results. As you can tell, sometimes increasing your penis size really can make a difference. We're excited to hear about your success with MaleExtra and would be extremely interested in learning more about your future results with the system.

MaleExtra"I'm reaching almost 60 years old and I've tried several natural as well as doctor prescribed medications to help my erectile dysfunction. None have ever worked as well as MaleExtra does. In just a short period of time I was able to have harder, longer-lasting erections and it also increased my desire to have sex by a factor of about 5! The additional increase in size was also welcomed. That's something that Cialis could never do!"

Sent by: Nick B.

Systems that combine penis exercises with nutrient-enriched enhancement pills are designed for that. And yes, pharmaceutical drugs are only a temporary solution. Neither Cialis nor Viagra are meant to do anything other than increase blood flow to the penis. They will never produce the gains and improved performance that true penis enhancement training provides.

MaleExtra"I've tried a few different methods to enlarge my penis with varying results but I never expected the gains I've seen with MaleExtra! Taking the supplements every day and performing the exercises helped me add an inch in just over 90 days! I can't imagine how big I'll be if I do this for a year!"

Sent by: David R.

Thanks David, we appreciate your feedback on MaleExtra. Combining effective supplements with penis exercises is certainly a great way to improve penis size. Although the total amount of gains usually varies from one man to the next, the increase you've seen in such a brief period of time is extraordinary! Keep it up and let us know of your progress!

MaleExtra"A few things about MaleExtra. 1) It made my penis bigger when both soft and hard. 2) My erections were harder. 3) I found that I could last longer during sex. 4) The amount of sperm I released when I ejaculated was a lot more. I know that they are supposed to be for increasing the size of your penis but are the other side effects normal?"

Sent by: Joe M.

That depends on what the system contains Joe. A legitimate program should increase penis size (in both flaccid and erect states) as well as improve overall penile functioning (erection hardness and staying power). Usually a separate supplement such as a semen volumizer is used to increase semen production but it's possible that the MaleExtra formula already contains the ingredients necessary to enhance ejaculation. If that's the case then this is arguably the most complete penis enhancement supplement in existence!


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