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Some women say that size doesn't matter. As far as most men are concerned, it does. Here is an interview with three women and their opinions on penis size.

Questions And Answers About Penis Size

Q. "What would you consider average penis size?"

Helen: "It's weird because what I think is average may be small or large to someone else. I think it depends on who and how many you have slept with. But I'd say 6-7 inches is about right."

Emma: "I totally agree. I think the average I've seen is about 7 inches. But I think that too many people get hung up on size. I mean, what is average? Does it even exist? Anyhow, who wants to be average? [laughs]"

Jennie: "I would say that the average is 7 inches too. But smallest is a lot smaller at about 4 inches, and the largest is a lot larger, at about 9 inches."

Q. "Do you rate size?"

Jennie: "I do completely. It is as simple as that. The bigger the better. Men with small dicks just aren't as satisfying as larger men. For some reason I don't find them as sexy or manly."

Q. "Yeah, but how can you tell with their clothes on?"

Helen: "Aaaahhhh, it's all possible with a well-trained eye [winks]. After being in some circles for a while it's easy to spot. There are certain tell tale signs. Like a flashy car - maybe a bit cliched, but it's true... guys are often compensating for something else."

Q. "Have you ever had a great lover who wasn't particularly large?"

Helen: "Nope."

Emma: "An OK one I guess but nothing special."

Jennie: "An average one I suppose - but as Emma said who wants to be average?"

Q. "So no one with a small penis has ever satisfied you?"

Jennie: "It just isn't as simple as that. Yes someone with a small penis has satisfied me, but I personally want more, I need more. Sex is a whole experience, which needs to be complete - small genitalia just doesn't come into the equation."

Q. "Do you like penises? I mean a lot of women seem repulsed by them."

Emma: "I am repulsed by small, wimpy little things. But a hard, large, thick penis is the sexiest thing in the world! Nothing gets me going more. They make me feel so horny and in the mood."

Jennie: "I don't particularly like dicks. I do think they are a bit ugly. But there is a big difference between a small penis and a large one."

Helen: "I totally agree - there is something really sexy about a thick penis."

Q. "Some people say it's what you do with it that counts?"

Helen: "Yeah riiiight... well I guess that's true up to a point, but no you can't really get the most satisfaction with a small one... especially if it doesn't even touch the walls of the vagina. It needs to fit snugly! [giggles]"

Q. "What are your opinions on Natural Penis Enlargement?"

Emma: "I thought that it didn't really work... I mean, if it did why wouldn't every guy be doing it?"

Jennie: "I used to think like Emma too but my last boyfriend did it and it really worked! I think it's fantastic! I totally support them and respect all the men that have used penis enlargement to their benefit."

Helen: "I have never met a man who has admitted to me that he used penis enlargement - but then I guess that is no surprise... but I bet I have slept with a few who have [laughs]! I think all men should try it at least at a basic level, because not only does it enlarge your penis, but it also improves your staying power and that means that we get a much more intense orgasm, which will probably last longer."

Q. "So in conclusion size does matter?"

Helen: "I think I can speak for all when I say; Completely and utterly. I don't mean to give your readers a complex, but I know that most men would like to think they're amazing in bed. You are lacking one major thing if you don't have a large, thick penis. If you do have one naturally then you are blessed - if you don't then you should do something about it."

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Penis Size Documentary

Penis Size Documentary
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